The Hamptons Union, October 31, 1918

Hampton News

The next regular meeting of Winnicummet Rebekah Lodge will be held on Nov. 5. There are several items of business to be acted upon at this meeting. Members are requested to be present, if possible.

The adjourned hearing on the petition of the Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury Street Railway to permanently discontinue most of its system will be held on Tuesday, November 19, at ten o'clock, in the town hall at Exeter. The official notice will be found in another column.

The E. G. Cole Co. is to move from its present quarters in the Post Office Block to the vacant store in Buswell's block, which was formerly the D. O. Leavitt drug store. Marelli Bros., who occupy a part of the store now, will move to Flander's barber shop, and Mr. Flanders will seek new quarters.

Miss N. A. Henderson of Exeter will have millinery for sale at the Lane Block each Wednesday for five weeks, commencing Oct. 8. Orders taken for trimming. Mrs. Sadie Howard of Exeter will be in charge.

Among the floral tributes at the funeral of Lottie Mace Reilly omitted from the list last week were a spray of yellow roses from Arlene Blake and 20 Jacque roses from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanborn and Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Haines.

Lewis Perkins has sold his bungalow to Prof. Veo, instructor in Manual training at Portsmouth, who buys for a home.

The usual Friday afternoon meeting of the Red Cross will be held tomorrow afternoon.

The meeting of the Seaside District Sunday School Association, which was postponed on account of the recent epidemic, will probably be held as soon in November as possible. Further notice will be given later.

Many farmers have raised a fine crop of corn this year, but it has been a problem with some as to which will get the more of it, the farmer or the blackbirds. The birds swoop down by hundreds and cause great havoc in a short time.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Nutter have been enjoying a visit at their Beach cottage with Mrs. Kate DeWitt of New York as their guest. Mrs. M. G. Chipman of W. Somerville was also a guest.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Glines and Mrs. Jessie Moore are among the latest victims of influenza. Mrs. Roger Thompson is also reported on the sick list today.

We are glad that Dr. Fernald is able to be out again, and we hope he will be able soon to resume his outside practice.

A Friend's Tribute to Victor G. Garland:

It is with intense sadness that we mourn the loss of our dear friend, Victor, who so unexpectedly and suddenly was called to leave his earthly home for a higher home above. We shall miss him, and we do miss him, in his daily walks of life. Although quiet and unassuming in manners he was endowed with a generous, loving heart, and loyal to his friends. It seems doubly sad to part with one so young in years, with such strong hopes and possibilities in the life before him; to be taken from his devoted companion and loving friends. But trusting our loss is his gain we will be resigned.

He is not dead, the friend of our affection, but gone unto that home where he no longer needs protection. For God Himself doth rule.

Hampton's Honor Roll

Following the name is the date of enlistment and the place stationed at last report:

Batchelder, George Harold, Aug. 2, 1918, Bumpkin Island, Mass.
Blake, Harold Russell, Dec. 10, 1917, Newport, Rhode Island
Blake, Myron, Oct. 23, 1918, Bumpkin Island
Brown, Albert Addison, Oct. 23, 1917, West Hingham, Mass.
Brown, Percy Badger, June 27, 1917, France
Buker, Kenneth C., Sept 3, 1918, Camp Lee, Virginia
Church, Kingsley Dearborn, May 1918, Port Slocum, N.Y.
DeLancey, Clyde P., Dec. 13, 1917, France
Dunbrack, Ernest Howard, May 26, 1918, Camp Devens, Mass.
Fogg, Stanley Clarence, May 18, 1917, France
Garland, Oscar L., Oct. 1918, Fort Constitution
Garland, Otis Raymond, Sept. 19, 1918, Hon. Disc, Oct. 28. 1918
Garland, Victor J., Dec. 14, 1917, Camp Dix, N. J.
Hobbs, Edwin Howard, July 6, 1917, France
Holmes, Leston, Oct. 23, 1918, Bumpkin Island
Johnson, Raymond A., Mar. 26, 1918, Paris Island
Keene, Harold M., Oct. 23, 1918, Bumpkin Island
Lamprey, James Munroe, May 31, 1918, France
Lamprey, William Hale, May 31, 1918, France
Lamprey, Theodore S., Apr. 26, 1918, France
Lindsey, Rupert W., June 7, 1917, Italy
Marston, Eugene E., May 24, 1918, Camp Devens, Mass.
Marston, Kenneth Hawks, July 1, 1918, Portland, Me.
Norton, Myron Jewell, July 1, 1918, Portland, Me.
Noyes, Harold Emerson, Sept. 19, 1918, Durham, N.H.
Racine, Wallace Paul, Feb. 26, 1917
Roberts, Andrew J., May 30, 1917, Hon. Disc. Aug. 4, 1917
Smart, Harry Llewellyn, July 5, 1918, Durham, N.H.
Stenger, Charles Hovey, Oct. 6, 1917, France
Stickney, William Elmer, Sept. 4, 1918, Camp Devens, MA
Young. Marvin F., Sept. 5, 1918, Camp Upton, L. I.