The Hamptons Union, September 12, 1918

Hampton News

Neil Tolman has returned to his school duties at Tilton.

Mrs. Remington Merrill and son Lambert of Providence, R.I., have returned home after spending a few weeks with her aunt, Mrs. William Gilpatrick.

This summer has been especially hard on the private boarding houses on account of the "growlers." It seems strange to find so many people who are not willing to give up any thing on account of the war.

Mrs. L. A. Provande has returned to her home in Melrose Highlands.

The Missionary society meeting at Mrs. Bennett's was very interesting. A fine lunch was served and pleasant time enjoyed.

The Mothers' Circle will meet on Wednesday evening, September 18, with Mrs. Frank James. Subject for discussion, "Home Economics."

The Rockingham County W. C. T. U. convention was held in the Baptist church Thursday with a good number of delegates present. A fine dinner was served by the ladies. Rev. W. A. Loyne gave an interesting account of his twenty-seven years work among the lumbermen.

Miss Helen Tolman has entered the sophomore class at Robinson seminary at Exeter.

Mrs. J. W. Nutter has closed her cottage, "The Beechnut," for the summer.

The exercises to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Congregational Sunday School were held Sept. 1 at the Sunday School session. The little folks are always interesting and the exercises by the younger classes were especially good.

The solo by Mrs. Merrill, the song by the young ladies' class and the selection by the quartette were much enjoyed.

Rev. Mr. Hubbard of Cambridge who supplied the pulpit, made some very appropriate remarks.

Mr. Lewis Perkins gave a very interesting talk on the Sunday Schools of foreign lands which he have visited and as he gave us facts in regard to these schools and showed us the heathen god taken from a temple in Peking, China, which the people worship, we were all very glad that we were enrolled in the Sunday Schools of our own beloved U.S.A.

A very pleasant and delightful part of the program was the reading of the message to the Sunday School from the former pastor, Rev. Wallace H. Stern.

The history of the past one hundred years was given in a very able and interesting way by Mr. Ernest G. Cole and Mrs. Flora E. Lane.

As we heard the inspiring history of the past, we could only hope that the future years would give us as honorable a record.

Not many Sunday Schools have the distinction of reaching the Centennial mark, and we trust that when some future generations celebrate the two hundredth anniversary, the history of the second hundred years may show a record of usefulness and honest endeavor in the Master's work in the lives of us who are now making that history, as in the years past whose history we commemorate.

Kendall Curtis King

Kendall Curtis, only child of Elmer Curtis and Lillian Dow King, passed away early Friday morning after a long illness with tubercular meningitis. The funeral was held from the home Sunday afternoon at three o'clock.

The floral tokens were; Crescent, "Darling," papa and mama; wreath, Grandpa and Grandma Dow; asters Miss Doris King; spray of pink buds, Mothers' Circle; rose buds, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hobbs; white pinks, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hobbs and family; rose buds, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott; white asters. Advent Sunday School Hampton; white pinks, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Collins; cross of hydrangeas, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brown and family; pinks and gladioli, Mr. and Mrs. Major Gilman; pink asters, Mr. and Mrs. Ross and family; white pinks, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Murphy; white carnations, Mrs. Lillian Emery; rose buds Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan; rose buds, Miss Ella Chase; white petunias and asters, Great-grandpa and Grandma Hobbs; white rose Great-grandma Dow; mixed flowers, Mrs. Rebecca Leavitt; sweet peas, Mrs. Addie Brown; bouquet of mixed flowers, Miss Agatha and Master Albert Towle.

Has Letter From King George.

When Corporal Stanley C. Fogg formerly of Hampton, arrived in England, July 28th, he was presented by King George with the following letter:


"Soldiers of the United States-the people of the British Isles welcome you on your way to take your stand beside the armies of many nations now fighting in the old world the great battle for human freedom.

"The Allies will gain new heart and spirit in your company. I wish I could shake the hand of each of you and bid you God-speed on your mission.

"George, R. I.
April, 1918"


The "Red Cross Day" at the Beach proved a wonderful success. Although the official figures have not been received it is said that a thousand dollars was raised for the cause. The local branch was very much in evidence, two of its floats being in the parade besides the decorated motors eighty-three members marched, and the school children showed their patriotism by answering the request and joining the others.

But one of the most attractive features of the afternoon was the beautifully decorated motor carrying the G. A. R. It was most appropriate that these men should lead the parade, for Clara Barton began her nursing of soldiers in their war; and out of her work has grown the Red Cross organization of today.

It is impossible for the secretary to write personal notes to all who helped make this day such a success but a grateful appreciation is felt for any assistance whatever which was given. It is such hearty and ready help, which makes a success of any affair; and the spirit of helpfulness in all good causes seems to be abroad. It is one of the beautiful aspects of this terrible war.

The Hampton branch won the first prize of $50.00 for the largest numbers. The prize given to the various floats, even to that won by the diminutive "Uncle Sam," were all generously turned over to the local branch, making a total of $110.00.

The Exeter Chapter won the first prize for their particularly beautiful float, though it must have been difficult for the judges to discriminate when such fine representations of "We Need You," and the "Greatest Mother," were before them. The miniature nurses and sailors on one of these were most appropriately chosen, as most of them were children of men in action.

Inadvertently the charming singing of Mrs. Maud Moulton and the playing by Miss Ernestine Cole at the recent lawn fete at the Bennett estate was not mentioned in the last week's account. They added much to the charm of the afternoon's entertainment.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank the neighbors and friends for their kindness during the recent illness of our little one. Also for the many floral tributes.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer King


The registration of Hampton citizens under the new draft law on Thursday exceeded by more than 50 per cent the estimated number for this town.

From 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Chief Registrar Herbert L. Tobey and his assistants, Charles Francis Adams and Lewis Perkins, were constantly employed with the work.

The allotment of cards for this town gave out early in the day and three additional acquisitions on Portsmouth were made.

One hundred and forty-four cards were issued to Hampton citizens and over fifty to registrants of other districts, making a total of about two hundred blanks which had to be filled in during the day.

A Japanese and a Russian were among those who got cards to send to their home districts.

The following is the list of Hampton citizens with their ages.

Everett William Thompson 19
Walter Alfred Scott 37
Chester Seymore Brooks 18
Lawrence Melbern True 19
George Irving Moore 38
Henry Bailey Hobbs 37
Peter John Angus Paty 44
Lewis Lester Mace 34
William Albert Guilford 39
Ernest Arthur Page 41
Chester Henry Moody 40
Irving Edward Stickney 19
Davis Daniel Page 36
Charles Willis Dewhurst 36
Charles William Locke 45
Newell McKinley Brown 20
Archie Parker Bent 38
Walter Wentworth Shaw 34
Charles Herman Brown 42
Fred Lester Blake 39
Merton Marston James 42
George Wallace Philbrook 41
Guy Evans Sturgis 44
John Drysdale 40
Clarence Merton Boyd 39
Herbert Lester Tobey 39
Robert Orlando Brown 20
Arthur Lawrence Young 39
Willard Eugene Nudd 20
Emile Auguste Ferir 45
Edwin Llewellyn Batchelder 33
Lester Whitcomb Holmes 19
Edmund Langley 41
Thomas Cogger 43
Charles Edmund Walker 36
Guy Stanley Garland 19
Lee Bartlett Lamprey 19
Frederick Holland Thompson 42
Oscar Earl Huse 34
Benn Frank Damsell 43
Elroy Garfield Shaw 36
George Samuel Carlton 37
Gerald Ralph Thompson 18
Robert Eben Tolman 43
Warren Harrison Hobbs 41
Webster Leslie Van Horn 40
Wallace Stanley Blake 18
Ernest Lambert White 36
Frank Leslie Long 33
James Sanborn DeLancey 45
John Leroy Bryant 36
Roland Isaac Noyes 19
Walter Edwards Brown 38
Raymond Bates Buker 19
Richard Steele Buker 19
Leroy Woods 36
Frederick Whitney Mathews 45
Henry William Paul 43
Charles Winchester Leavitt 43
Richard Barker Shelton 42
Homer Albert Johnson 18
Lauris Elwood Jenness 41
Lewis Marelli 34
Eugene Mason Tilton 38
Parker Raymond Small 18
Frank Lewis Bristol 42
Thomas Elliott Steger 45
Neil Rutheven Underwood 43
George McLellan Purington 40
Philip Nelson Blake 19
Chester Garfield Marston 36
Atwood Rowe 35
Edward Joseph Murphy 19
Charles Franklin Blake 36
Carl Golden Mitchell 34
Richard Elliott Stenger 18
Myron Addison Blake 20
Clyde Wallace Brown 19
Dennis James Mahoney 45
John Stacy Nudd 20
Charles Herbert Raymond 42
William Brown 42
Winthrop Dearborn Blake 32
John French Snider 45
William Marten Gilpatrick 39
Arthur Chester Fogg 32
Ned William Fellows 38
Charles Henry Palmer 34
Willis Everett Fellows 34
Edward Palmer Brown 41
Arthur Bell Lamprey 33
Elmer Guy Lane 41
Herbert Burleigh Beede 33
Ernest Herman Lewis 42
Oliver Washington Hobbs 40
Gerald Holden Buker 20
Gerald Albert Smith 33
Edward Jacob Brown 39
George Byron Purdy 42
Edward Francis McFarland 43
Howard Byron Taylor 44
Charles Ernest Cutts 44
James Murray 37
Henry Clinton Hanson 34
William Merton Blake 41
Leon Elsworth Mace 36
John Alfred Janvrin 41
Stephen Green Hobbs 45
Horace Estow Hobbs 18
Carl Granville Fogg 19
Edward Soulte Batchelder 38
Roy Frank Brockway 18
Edgar Warren Howe 45
Harry Edward Greene 44
Maurice Winthrop Lane 38
Clinton Waite Berry 32
Carl Max Hatch 43
Uri Lamprey 38
Felix Corno 45
Albert Justin Dumbrack 43
Arthur Lewis Greene 35
Harold Glidden Perkins 18
Clifford Gordon Lindsey 18
Arthur Francis Collum 45
Clinton Henry Durant 34
Norman Marston Coffin 19
Harold Marston Keene 19
Percy Trefethen Jenness 41
Edmund Sharp 42
Charles Norman Frye 39
Elmore Lamprey Dearborn 19
Frank Louis Henaff 33
Thomas John Watt 39
Harry Dale Munsey 35
Frank Bouve Redman 33
Fred Elias Perkins 43
Samuel Brown 37
John Herbert Ryder 34
Christopher Stephen Toppan 44
Harry Edgar Page 32
Armas Guyon 36
Walter Scott Emery 45
Clarence Adair Cline 21
John Banks Rich 41