The Hamptons Union, August 15, 1918

Hampton News

Guests at the Methodist parsonage are: William Kellar, Mrs. Thompson's father from Jersey City; her sister, Mrs. John A. Filsner; Miss Edith Hollman of Brooklyn.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jefferson of Cliftondale, Mass., and their son and daughter, spent the weekend with the Gilpatricks.

Mr. and Mrs. Remington Merrill of Providence, R. I., are spending their vacation with the Gilpatricks. Also Mrs. Lambert of Eastport, Me.

Irving Drake of Lyme was in town this week.

Prof. C. A. Lyon, principal of the Academy, is in Keene this week in attendance at a convention of instructors in agricultural extension work held under Government auspices.

The estate of the late Mrs. Ellen Carter on the Lafayette road will be sold by the administrator, Mrs. Lottie F. Carter, on Wednesday, Sept. 4, at public auction, to settle the estate.

Two candidates have filed for the nomination of representative from this town in the Republican party. They are Elroy G. Shaw and Byron E. Redman.

Such children, under five years of age, as were unable to be present in the town hall last Tuesday, are requested to be there next Friday, Aug. 16 from 2:00 to 4:00 o'clock, to be measured and weighed, by order of the Child's Welfare Bureau.

Rev. Edgar Warren accompanied Mr. Walter B. Farmer, as his guest, to the poultryman's summer meeting at Storrs, Conn., last week, where Mr. Farmer was one of the principal speakers. The trip was made by automobile, and the distance from Hampton to Storrs, 170 miles, covered in seven hours, with an hour out for lunch and three short stops. On the way back, after they had run about an hour, they came to a sign, "Hampton, 7 Miles," which elicited from Mr. Warren the remark, "I knew we were going strong, but I didn't think we were going as strong as that." The sign, however, referred to Hampton, Conn.

The fall term of the schools in town will begin on Monday, Sept. 9. All children who have never attended school regularly, elsewhere, whose birthdays (sixth) occur on or before Jan. 1, 1919, making them five years and eight months of age, are eligible for entrance into the first grades. Hampton Falls

Hon. Warren Brown, who on Sunday last was 82 years of age, has filed for the nomination of representative to the General Court, and is probably one of the oldest candidates.

Death of North Hampton Farmer:

George D. Cotton of North Hampton, one of the best known farmers of this section, died on Sunday. He was born Nov. 21, 1845, the son of Jonathan and Mary (Sleeper) Cotton. He leaves a son, Fred L. Cotton, and one brother.

Arrested for Manslaughter

Philip Trober of Lewiston, Me., was arraigned in the Hampton Municipal court Tuesday morning on a charge of manslaughter in causing the death of Mrs. Vianna Breed of Seabrook in Hampton Falls Monday evening. Trober's automobile hit the woman while she was crossing the street near the "Line" church in that town. She was knocked down and died soon after. Mrs. Breed was selling fish, and hauling it in a four wheeled cart.

Trober was arrested in Hampton. His capture followed his coming in contact with a pile of sand near the side of the road, through which he was thrown into the gutter, his car being somewhat damaged.

The young man, who is about 30 years of age, was taken to Exeter by Officer Lewis P. Clark of Hampton Falls, where he stated that he was an alien enemy, an Austrian by birth. In his machine was found a quantity of liquor, and the officer who arrested him said that he was badly intoxicated.

He stated that he had been to Ayer, Mass., and was on his way home.

Trober was held without bail for the October term of the Grand Jury. He was represented by counsel from Lewiston, Me., and the State by the County Solicitor, William H. Sleeper.