The Hamptons Union, May 9, 1918

Hampton News

The Monday Club wishes to thank the children and all those who assisted in the entertainment, "May Baskets New", which was given under auspices of the Club for the benefit of the local branch of the Red Cross. The Club feels especially grateful to Miss Stevens and to Miss Toppan for the hard work they contributed to make the entertainment a success. About $30.00 was made.

Mr. J. B. Hebbard, representing the War Camp Community Service, will speak Wednesday, May 15, at the town hall, under the auspices of the Mother's Circle. Admission is free.

Private Marvin E. Perkins, Battery A. 303rd Heavy Field Artillery, Camp Devens, had as visitors on Sunday his mother, Mrs. Edith C. Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Perkins, Frank Taylor, Elwell Tarlton and Charles Batchelder, all of North Hampton, who made the trip by auto.

The fifth and sixth grades of the East Grammar School have formed a War Savings society, and on Tuesday received a Certificate of Affiliation with the National War Savings Committee of the United States Treasury Department. The school has the honor of being first school society organized in the State of New Hampshire.

Charles W. Fellows has purchased of Curtis DeLancey the vacant building which has stood so long opposite Lewis Perkins' residence, and is moving it to a new site on the Landing road.

The Seaside District Sunday school Association held its semi-annual convention with the Baptist church Wednesday. Interesting and helpful addresses were given by the Revs. R. E. Thompson and A. S. Burrill of this district. Rev. S. James Cann, Amesbury, Mass., spoke very earnestly on the subject, "The Sunday School in War Times," giving a message from his experience. "Temperance Teaching in the Sunday School" was well set forth by Rev. J. D. Leach of Exeter. Special mention should be made of the solos sung by Miss Greene and Mrs. W. K. Parker.

A nice dinner was furnished by the ladies of the church, and it was voted by all a very successful convention. The attendance was not quite as large as usual owing to the Pomona Grange meeting in Hampton Falls, which was not known to the committee when the convention was called.

Oceanside Grange has invited the members of Perkins Post and Corps to meet with them on the evening of May 22.

All were sorry not to hear Rev. F. L. Long at the Sunday School convention. He is confined at home with measles. Henry Hobbs has the mumps. Will these enemies in our midst never depart?

Mrs. Joshua Lane has been quite ill with a severe cold.

Mr. Howard G. Lane is expected to return home soon.

In the notice of the Missionary society last week mention should have been made of the presence of Miss Pike who gave interesting current events and Miss Stanton who read a beautiful poem, "The Destruction of the Beautiful Cathedral at Rheims." It is always a treat to hear Miss Stanton.

Hampton went over the top and about $1,000 beyond the Liberty Loan campaign, and its honor flag was presented to the selectmen Saturday afternoon, and now flies from the flagstaff over the town house.