The Hamptons Union, March 14, 1918

Hampton News

Quite a number from Hampton are attending the county convention of the W. C. T. U. in Exeter today.

At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George P. Mace, Feb. 24, Frederick J. Reilly of Exeter and Elizabeth Charlotte Mace were united in marriage by Rev. F. M. Buker.

Miss Caroline Philbrook had a birthday on Monday, March 11, on which day she entertained a number of her little friends. In a room beautifully decorated with pink and green they played many interesting games, a peanut hunt exciting much lively interest; also hide the button, ring around the roses, go in and out the window, etc. Miss Caroline was the recipient of quite a number of pretty gifts, among which was a china closet made by her brother Wallace. After the games came the birthday cake with six candles, ice cream and cookies, and each little guest received a favor to take home. Those present were: Isabelle Hobbs, Dorothy Hobbs, Grafton and Wilma Toppan, Elizabeth Brown, Constance Adams, Leonore Lane, Russell Durant, Luella Hobbs, Theodore Hobbs and Caroline Philbrook.

Under the auspices of the Monday club a musicale and farce will be given at the town hall on Monday evening, the 18th, at eight o'clock, for the benefit of the Red Cross. Tickets, 15 cents; children under 12 years of age, 10 cents. Note the change of time and place from the announcement of last week. As this is the regular meeting day of the club it is requested that the members meet at the hall shortly after seven for the transaction of any business.

A pleasant event of the past week was the birthday party given by Miss Jewell Trefethan at Elmwood on the evening of the 6th. Games were enjoyed the first part of the evening and delicious fruit punch was served. A short musical program was given, then dancing was enjoyed for a time. At a late hour the guests were ushered into the dining room where the tables were beautifully decorated, and presented a charming effect with the lighted candles. Delicious refreshments of ice cream and birthday cake were served, and also fancy cookies. Among other gifts Miss Trefethan received a magnificent bunch of violets, a smaller bunch, and a dozen yellow roses. The guests departed at a late hour, all wishing for Miss Trefethan many years of health and happiness.

Miss Annie Akerman and Miss Adeline Marston went to Exeter to hear Peter McQueen lecture on Wednesday. He has been all over Europe.

The W. R. C. at their meeting on Wednesday decided to hold a social on Wednesday, March 27, for the benefit of the Red Cross. Further particulars will be given next week.

Mr. Charles M. Batchelder, who for 27 years has served the town and its schools efficiently and untiringly, desires it to be announced that he is desirous of retiring from the board of education this year, and that the vacancy be filled at the coming meeting of the school district.

The town meeting being over interest now centers in the school district meeting to be held next week, Thursday. There are two vacancies to be filled on the school board. It is hoped that those elected will be as faithful as the two retiring members.

Hampton boys called by the draft this week are: Theodore S. Lamprey, Kenneth H. Marston, Forrest W. Blake, Eugene E. Marston, William E. Stickney and Leonard P. Philbrick of North Hampton.

Neil Tolman, while at home on a short vacation, was very pleasantly surprised last Friday evening by a party of former schoolmates calling to spend a few hours with him. After recovering from his embarrassment, Neil greeted them most cordially and a most enjoyable evening was spent by all.

Town meeting in Hampton passed very quietly. The warrant was a short one and the business of the meeting was completed soon after three o'clock. Appropriations rather less in amount than those of last year were passed. The fire department was voted $2500, about $900 less than was used last year; the sidewalk appropriation of $500 was cut out altogether; street lighting was reduced $300; all other appropriations were practically the same as last year.

The meeting was called to order by Moderator Marston, who at once appointed A.L. Joplin and Wm. T. Ross to preside over the election of the delegate to the state constitutional convention, and these were assisted by the regular ballot clerks of state elections.

Officers elected were as follows: Clerk, Herbert L. Tobey; selectmen, Joseph B. Brown, Elroy G. Shaw, Byron E. Redman; treasurer, Herbert Perkins; collector of taxes, Ernest G. Cole; trustee of trust funds, Horace M. Lane; trustees of library, Simeon A. Shaw, Charles M. Batchelder, Wm. Lamb; auditors, Charles F. Adams, S. Albert Shaw, John A. Janvrin; highway agents, Wm. S. Brown, Fred E. Perkins, Frank E. James; delegate to the constitutional convention, Joseph B. Brown, he winning over Lewis F. Stevens by a vote of 52 to 48.