The Hamptons Union, January 10, 1918

Hampton News

It is to be regretted that the new choir at the Congregational church is already depleted by two members.

The many friends of J. C. Leckemby in town will be glad to hear of his beginning a series of meetings in Lynn last Sunday. As time goes on it becomes more apparent each day the reason of the opposition accorded him here. Had his advice been taken a large number of people would be situated differently than they are today. There are always reasons why good influences meet with opposition.

Members of the Jr. O. U. A. M. are to attend church in a body next Sunday, Jan. 13, at the Adventist Church. Rev. Mr. Long is an interesting speaker and will have a fine talk for us. We want to make the best showing possible and in order to do that you must do your part. Meet in the Council hall at 1:30 sharp and march to the church. Come one. Come all.

The Woman's Foreign missionary of the Congregational society held its annual meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of Miss Wentworth. Miss H. Juliett Gilson, a New Hampshire woman who has returned from a missionary term in Africa spoke on her experiences there. She was long a missionary of the Woman's Board in Rhodesia.

Emmons D. Doyle of Danvers, is making a visit to his parents here.

Mrs. Irving, at Mr. Andrew Philbrick's, had the misfortune to sprain her ankle the past week.

The annual meeting of Perkins Post was held last week and elected their officers for the coming year, same as last year, with John W. Warner as commander.

Believing there is no subject confronting the American people today so important as the Food Problem the Chairman of the Public Safety Committee and the Council of National Defense have engaged two speakers who are thoroughly conversant with the subject to address the people of this town in the hall on Sunday evening a 7 o'clock.

Mrs. Mary I. Wood the State Chairman and Mr. Walter C. Kane, Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee on Food Production will tell us why there is a food problem and what we can do about it.

Mr. O'kane is now in Washington but unless unavoidably detained he will return home on Friday. Rev. Mr. Long will have charge of the music.

The birds are having a hard time during the severe cold. Pheasants are very numerous. Five beautiful male pheasants were found seeking shelter under O. H. Marston's hedge during the storm last week.

Helen and Neal Tolman, and Dorothy Thompson returned to Tilton to school, on Tuesday. Mrs. Sprague accompanied them to visit her father, who resides in Tilton.

It was Hugh Brown who lives opposite Mr. Benjamin Blake's who has been to the hospital, and not Hugh Brown, on Exeter Road. We are glad to note that Mr. Brown is home again.

Mrs. Harry Notes was called to Atkinson on Tuesday, by the illness of a relative.

The Woman's Relief Corps held its regular meeting on Wednesday and installed the officers that were present. Mrs. Belle L. Dearborn, Installing Officer; Carrie E. Perkins, President; Sarah M. Lane, Senior Vice President; Elsie J. Godfrey, Junior Vice President; Flora E. Lane, Secretary; Annie E. Akerman, Treasurer; Freda S. Coffin, Conductor; Katherine James, Asst. Conductor; Mary L. Noyes, Guard; Alfie L. Godfrey, Chaplain; Lucy A. Marston, Patriotic Instructor; M. Emma Locke, Asst. Guard; Addie B. Brown, Press Correspondent; Adeline C. Marston, Musician; Marion L. Dearborn, Elizabeth F. Philbrick, Belle L. Dearborn and Frances Blanchard, Color Bearers. It was voted to hold but one meeting a month during the winter, the next meeting to be the second Wednesday in February or if stormy on the fourth Wednesday.

Hampton Falls

The International Revenue Department are[sic] not to send a representative to this town to explain the new income tax law which became effective Jan. 1, 1918, and covers the income for the year 1917. Our citizens, however, can obtain the information desired at Hampton, N. H., Jan. 8, 1918 or at Seabrook, N. H. on Jan. 9, 1918. In these towns the Postmaster will furnish further information. It is important that no one fail to make returns in accordance with the requirements this law.