The Hamptons Union, December 20, 1917

Hampton News

Miss Marion Lamprey attended the Junior Prom at Durham College last Friday evening. She was the guest of Mr. Raymond Garland.

Rev. J. J. Fowler addressed an audience of over a hundred people at the Baptist Brotherhood meeting on Monday evening. The speaker held the attention of all present and delivered an interesting, convincing address. Every one apparently enjoyed the social hour that followed. Messrs. Perkins, Lane, Blake, Johnson, Brown and Buker had charge of the refreshments and did themselves credit in delivering the goods.

The Baptist and Methodist congregations responded liberally last Sunday for the Halifax sufferers.

Mrs. Joseph Myers has been in Portsmouth the last week, called there by the sudden illness and death of her father, William Haddon.

At the next meeting of the Mechanics to be held Tuesday evening, December 25th, an oyster supper will be served to the members. It is hoped that all members will be present.

Chief of Police Tolman is confined to his home with a severe cold.

Many of the schools will have their usual Christmas festivities in school on Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Vianna C. Marston has been confined to the house for the last two weeks by illness.

Mrs. E. D. Berry was eighty-two years old on Sunday. She had many gifts of all kinds; also calls from friends.

Mr. J. Beecher Yeaton came on from Chicago last week, to accompany his wife and baby home. Baby Maurice is certainly a fine specimen of Western babies.

The contribution for the Y. W. C. A. was met fully and promptly, the sufferers in Halifax remembered, and this week is being carried on another successful campaign for the Red Cross. Hampton has responded nobly to the many calls, and will be ready for others to come.

The friends of Mrs. Abbie E. Drake were saddened to hear of her death from pneumonia, so soon after reaching Florida, where she had gone with her son Ervin for the winter. Although she had not been so well as usual for the past few years, her great courage and fortitude enabled her to do what many could not undertake. She was Miss Abbie Berry of Pittsfield and married Mr. Samuel Drake of Drakeside in 1853. There are three children, and to the son Ervin, our sympathy goes out.