The Hamptons Union, October 4, 1917

Hampton News

There was a very interesting meeting of the Womans' Missionary society at the Congregational chapel on Wednesday. Mrs. Ross and Miss Locke were hostesses. Miss Isabel Stuart was a welcome guest.

The Ladies' Aid society of the Congregational church will meet with Mrs. Lucy A. Marston on Tuesday next.

The Seaside District Sunday School association will hold its fall meeting at North Hampton on Oct. 30.

The entire community was shocked by the news that Mr. Edward W. Godfrey had been seriously injured by a fall from the roof of Mr. Thomas Nudd's house, on Saturday last. Mr. Godfrey received a broken collar bone, some broken ribs, and later there developed symptoms of meningitis due to injuries to the spine. He passed away on Wednesday evening at 7:15. He was a good man respected by all. Much sympathy is felt for the family. There will be further notice next week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tolman and Mrs. Roger Thompson went to Tilton the first of the week, to see their daughters who are in school there.

There will be a special meeting of the Board of Trade at its rooms, Hampton Beach, next Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock. All members are requested to be present.

Collection next Sunday at the Congregational church, Oct. 7, is for the Sunday school and Publishing Society.

Mrs. Elsie Godfrey is somewhat improved in health, though still confined to her bed.

An exhibition and entertainment for the children will be given by Ocean Side grange in the town hall next Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

The regular meeting of Ocean Side grange Friday evening will be anniversary night, with appropriate exercises.

Miss Ellerson will give a demonstration on the conservation of fats in Academy hall Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, to which all ladies are invited.

The Christian Endeavor Society of the Congregational church will meet in the chapel Sunday evening, Oct. 7, at 6:30 o'clock. Miss Laura Cragin will speak.

The Mothers' Circle will meet Monday evening with Mrs. Perkins.

Sergeant Walter H. Shattuck enjoyed a short leave of absence from Camp Devons, Ayer, Mass. to visit his wife at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fogg.

Rally Day observance at the M. E. church will be postponed one week.

Today Miss Isabel Winthrop Stuart returns to Connecticut, after enjoying several weeks in Hampton.

Mrs. Joseph Kershaw and son Lester and daughter Thelma and Mrs. Wright Walker, of Fall River, are spending the week guests of Mrs. Gilpatrick.

Sunday, October 7, will be rally Day at the Congregational church. Miss Laura Ella Cragin of Boston is expected to be present and address the Sunday school at its regular session and also the Christian Endeavor Society in the evening. Miss Cragin is a member of the faculty at the summer school of Methods which several in the Sunday school have had the privilege of attending. She is a delightful speaker, and will interest all classes of pupils. Let us all try to be present on Sunday, and prove ourselves a thoroughly wide awake school. Miss Cragin will be the guest of our superintendent, Mr. Horace M. Lane, during her stay in town.

The annual meeting of the Hampton Cooperative Building and Loan association was held in the association's office last Monday evening, and the following officers elected for the ensuing year:

President, Edwin L. Batchelder; Vice President, Walter Scott; Treasurer, Herbert Perkins; Secretary, H. Lester Tobey; Directors, Amos T. Leavitt. Howard G. Lane, Ernest G. Cole, Lemuel C. Ring, William Brown, Chester G. Marston, Irvin E. Leavitt, T. L. Sanborn, Joshua James, Harry I. Noyes; Auditors, Mary E. Craig, Joseph B. Brown, Byron E. Redman.

The amendment to the By-Laws reducing the number of directors was favorably reported. The financial statement at the close of business Sept. 1, showed assets and liabilities of $13,231.96. Number of shares in force 713. Applications for money keep well ahead of the funds available for loans with $2,200 on the waiting list. A dividend at the rate of 5 percent was declared.

The association is in excellent condition and the new series 5 shares now on sale will go quickly. There are few better investments than in the Hampton Co-operative bank. It is likely that the Massachusetts tax law will cause a reinvestment in our own institutions some of which will find its way to this association.