The Hamptons Union, July 26, 1917

Hampton News

Mrs. Thomas Nudd and granddaughter Marion Sanborn of East Weymouth, formerly of Hampton Beach, has been spending a week with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. John Ryder, and other friends.

Mrs. H. G. Young and daughter of West Somerville are spending a few weeks with Mrs. E. E. Sprague.

The third canning demonstration given by State Public Safety Committee will be held on Tuesday, July 31, at Town Hall at 2 o'clock sharp. Miss Murphy will also give a talk on a number of other foods. Everybody in town it is hoped will be present.

A Woman's Committee of Council of National Defense has been organized in this town and members of the committee will this week present to every woman who has charge of a household a pledge card, urging every woman to carry out the directions and advice of the Food Administrator in Washington. This is the first federal and state service ever required of all women and the eyes of those in authority will be upon us. "The State Division has pledged the loyalty and efficiency of the women of the towns. The success of the state depends upon the town units." The cards after being signed will be sent to the chairman in town, who will forward them to the state chairman, Mrs. Mary I. Wood.

Rev. J. C. Leckemby, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hobbs, and others, were entertained at dinner Sunday, by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott.

The Congregational Sunday school picnic will be held at North beach, Hampton, on Friday, going on the 9:40 electric.

Mrs. D. A. Marston and Mrs. S. C. Ware entertained their Sunday school classes with the members of the cradle roll included, on Wednesday afternoon. Thirty-six guests were present. Games were played and Miss Dorothy Thompson read some interesting children's stories. Light refreshments were served.

Mr. Mitchell is building an express office north of the baggage room at the railway station, which will be of great convenience because of the great amount of express handled in Hampton.

Corporal Marvin Young and Private Stanley Fogg, Hampton members of the Coast Artillery company, left Exeter this morning for Fort Stark. There was a great send off at Exeter, the stores being closed, and accompanying the music of the band, crowds cheered the company on its way.