The Hamptons Union, March 16, 1916


There was a good attendance at town meeting on Tuesday, despite the bad walking and threatening skies. The meeting was called to order at 10:20 by Moderator John F. Marston, and from that time until the adjournment at 2:40, made necessary by the opening of the polls for the presidential primary, every moment was of interest to the voters.

A Republican caucus Monday evening had chosen a list of candidates and with the exception of the substitution of Howell M. Lamprey for Byron E. Redman as third selectman, the entire list was elected.

By a vote of the meeting the three selectmen were chosen separately, and for the last two the check list was used.

Three road agents were chosen after nightly discussion of the method and the low relating to the subject.

The choosing of trustees for the care of money held in trust for specific purposes was made necessary by an act of the 1915 legislature, and all such monies held by the town must be paid over these three trustees.

The appropriations were liberal -- more so than the high vote of $15 00 per $1000 of the last year will permit, and the meeting Thursday evening may see a reconsideration of some of the items. The list was not quite completed when adjournment was made for the primary election, and the meeting will be resumed at this point on Thursday evening at 7 o'clock.

The result of the balloting was as follows:


Whole number cast 93
H.L. Tobey 93


Whole number cast 196
Joseph B. Brown 115
Howell M. Lamprey  81


Whole number cast 208
Elroy G. Shaw 118
Howell M. Lamprey  90


Whole number cast 196
Howell M. Lamprey  97
Byron E. Redman  81
Warren Hobbs   3


Whole number cast 82
Herbert Perkins 82


Whole number cast 125
E. G. Cole  97
William T. Ross  34
F.L. Bristol   4


Thomas Cogger 82
William T. Ross 83
Kenneth Ross 83
William S. Brown  1
Fred E. Perkins  2


(One ballot cast by the clerk for each of the following:)

1 year - Howard G. Lane
2 years - Horace M. Lane
3 years - Abbott L. Jopin

AUDITORS (by acclamation)

Albert K. Church
Simeon A. Shaw
Charles F. Adams


State, country and highway tax as required by law

Cemetery $300 00
Memorial Day 75 00
Electric lights 3,000 00
Board of Health 400 00
Salaries 1,500 00
Library 550 00
Fire Department 3,000
Oil and tar via town 2,000 00
Oil and tar via state road 1,000 00
Breakwater 2,000 00
Concrete walk 500, 00
Police 700 00
Hydrant service 2,000 00
Moths 400 00

$100 of the moth appropriation is to be paid for bounties on brown tail nests.

The vote on the primary ballot was very light, the Republican delegates receiving a maximum of 28, the Democrats 12, and the Progressives 2.


The social and supper which was to have been held in the Baptist church on Wednesday evening is postponed on account of the storm until next Wednesday evening at the same hour.

The school meeting is called for Monday, March 20. There will be only articles of routine work; nothing of special interest to come before the meeting. The time will be 7 o'clock.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hobbs were visiting in Boston last week. They also visited their brother in Mansfield, Mass.

James A. Marden of Norway, Me., is the guest of Miss Georgia Marston this week.

Help that favorite friend of yours to get the 1916 Motorcycle, by trading at The Garland Pharmacy.

Mrs. Elizabeth Berry is seriously ill with pneumonia at the home of her sister, Mrs. York, in Kensington.

Mrs. J. F. Marston, who has been very ill for two months, is still in a sickly condition, not yet being able to sit up, only for a short time.

Miss Etta Blake has entered a sanitarium, hoping that a month's rest and care will restore her to good health. Since Christmas she has been suffering from the effects of a protracted cold and her many friends are hoping the treatment she will receive there will be of great benefit.

Prizes for everyone, in the Masco contest, at The Garland Pharmacy, if you will only try hard.

Dr. M. F. Smith went to the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, recently to be under observation for a while before deciding upon an operation, which it was thought possible he wound be obliged to undergo, but it was found that an operation was not necessary and he will return home in a short time.

Mrs. William T. Ross is visiting in New York this week.

The road agents chosen at the annual meeting on Tuesday have already made themselves solid with the voters by the manner in which the roads were broken out early Thursday morning.

The primary vote on Tuesday in this town was little more than 20 per cent of that cast for selectmen. The vote was light all through this state and in other states, and means the doom of the presidential primary.

Remember the school meeting next Monday evening at 7 o'clock. A good deal of money has to be raised there and voters should attend.

Mrs. Everett Proctor is visiting in town.

A delightful party was given Ruth, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Perkins, in honor of her birthday on Tuesday evening. A number of her little friends were present, and a fine time was had by all.

Some of the snow drifts this morning were the highest seen in this town for a number of years.

The drama written by M.W. Dunbar of this town, and presented recently by the senior class of the academy, is soon to be given in Seabrook.

The Street Railway kept pretty close to its schedule all through the last and biggest snow storm of the winter.

Arthur Collum is again at work, as smiling as ever, making short work of recovery from exhaustion in the bad storm a week ago.

Station Agent Sprague is to move into the Pressey house on the Exeter road in the near future.