The Hamptons Union, January 20, 1916


The installation of the officers of the Woman's Relief Corps will occur on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 26. A chicken pie dinner will be served at noon.

Rev. W. H. Sterns spent Wednesday in Portsmouth.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ross, Jr., will return to their home in Potsdam, N.Y., on Friday.

Mrs. Martha Locke was a welcome visitor in town this week end.

Mrs. O. H. Whittier is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Keith, of Boston. Mrs. Keith has not been well of late, so came with her husband to Hampton on Saturday, to recuperate.

On Tuesday evening, Jan. 25, will occur the third entertainment in the course. This entertainer is Marcellice Yogi, a wonder worker of India. He has an assistant who plays the piano continuously and assists Marcellice in his different illusions. Some of the most wonderful features of his program are the East Indian tricks for which he is noted. The "Wonderful Snake Trick" is a striking example, which cannot be held by five men when Marcellice talks to it. He also gives demonstrations in scientific mind reading, mental telepathy and animal magnetism. His ventriloquism demonstrations are very amusing. The program is arranged as follows: Part 1, Miser's Dream; Part 2, Ventriloquism Comedy. Admission: 25 and 15 cents.

The Monday club had as its guests this week the Woman's Club of Hampton Falls. The club was entertained in the home of Mrs. Church, with Mrs. Locke and Mrs. Whittier as assistant hostesses. It was Reciprocity Day so the visiting club gave the program, which was an afternoon with George Eliot. Music was furnished very deliciously by Mrs. Young, Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Coffin. There were fifteen members present, and fourteen guests. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostesses and a very pleasant afternoon was enjoyed by all present.

The attraction at the town hall, Hampton, Saturday Jan. l, 22, will be a big feature film production of Rolfe Feature Film Co., presenting Mabe Taliaferro, America's charming dramatic star, in a five reel Photoplay, entitled "THE THREE OF US," a story with a steam punch. It is a stirring romance of the gold regions where the stern law of every man for himself quickly separates the weak from the strong. Marvelous scenery. Wonderful photography and splendid acting all help to make this the best photoplay offering of the year. Same price, 10c.

The following officers of Ocean Side Grange were installed the first of the year by Deputy Benjamin F. Pray, assisted by Mrs. Pray; Master, J. Hale James, overseer; Walter A. Scott, lecturer; Mrs. Jessie M. Toppan, steward; Wallace Blake, assistant steward; Roland I. Noyes, chaplain; treasurer, Frank B. Brown; secretary, Miss Bernice Glidden; gatekeeper, Lawrence M. True; ceres, Mrs. Carrie H. Scott; Pomona, Mrs. Katherine O. James; flora, Miss Annie L. Johnson; lady assistant steward, Miss Olive E. Nudd.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beaudette is in a hospital, recovering from an operation for appendicitis.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Marston announce the engagement of their youngest daughter, Miss Georgia Frances, to Mr. James Alvin Marden, of Georgetown, Mass.

On Jan. 14th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Perkins in South Paris, Me., Miss Lola B. Steward, formerly of this town, and Mr. Charles C. Hutchins, of Bethel, Me., were united in marriage. After a short trip, they will make their home in Portland, Me., where Mr. Hutchins has accepted a position.

There are three birthdays in January: Mrs. Jennie Thompson's, Lizzie Blake and Mrs. Ed Towle. The Birthday Club gave a party to Mrs. Ed Towle on Friday. A delicious dinner was served, consisting of vegetables, meat, hot rolls, escalloped oysters, Indian pudding, pies, cakes, doughnuts, ice cream and candy. Those present were Mrs. Lucinda Marston, Mrs. Fred Towle, Mrs. Clark, Alice Godfrey, Melinda Blake, Kate Mace, Georgia Blake, Grace Weir, Alice Blake, Nellie Lamprey, Minnie Lamprey, Bell Blake, Mabel Blake and Laura Cannon. Invited guests were Mrs. Herbert Perkins, Alice Marston, Mrs. Glines, Bertha Marston and Mrs. Bell Eaton from Georgetown, Mass. Mrs. Towle's mother, Mrs. Jane Blake, came from Georgetown to assist Mrs. Towle. There were five beautiful birthday cakes, one with candles, to light the three through life.

One of the most successful and largely attended social events of the present season, was held at I.O.O.F. hall Thursday evening, Jan. 13, when the members of the Rockingham Lodge, with their families, to the number of about one hundred, gathered for a social time. A pleasing program was arranged, consisting of music, by the Sprague orchestra; vocal selections, Miss Mary A. Chase, of Hampton Falls; readings, Mrs. H. Porter Brown and L. M. Robinson of Hampton Falls; remarks by Rev. I. S. Jones, Ernest G. Cole, Charles Batchelder and others. After the entertainment an oyster supper was served, and the evening closed with an old fashioned dance. The affair was in charge of Senator Perkins, the Noble Grand of Rockingham Lodge, assisted by John F. Marston and L. Frank Stevens, as a general committee. The event was so greatly enjoyed that the wish was expressed by many, that this might be the forerunner of other events of a like nature in the near future.