The Hamptons Union, September 8, 1910

Vol. II, No. 36

Hampton News

Miss Josephine Rowan of Amesbury, Mass., has been a guest of Mrs. Howard G. Lane during the past week.

Mrs. William T. Ross was a guest of her cousin, Mrs. Lewis Dexter in Attitash, Mass., on Thursday. Mrs. Dexter has a cottage on the border of Lake Attitash.

Charles Brown of Amesbury, Mass., visited his mother on Labor day.

The What-so-ever mission circle will hold its meeting on Saturday in the home of Mrs. Anna S. Ross at half past two o'clock.

The entertainment given by the Misses Locke on Saturday evening before the Monday Club and other invited guests was a most enjoyable affair. The young people presented a farce entitled, "No Men Wanted," in a very pleasing manner, causing peals of laughter. Music was interspersed during the performance, after which Miss Julia Locke gave a monologue. Then followed games; refreshments of sherbet, cake and fancy cookies were served by the hostess, when the guests departed thanking Mrs. Locke and her daughters for a very pleasant evening.

The Hon. Clarence F. French of Boston and Waltham with his wife and two sons were guests of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Ross over Sunday, coming down in his automobile.

Mr. and Mrs. William Moire, nee Miss Laura Lamprey, were week end guests at Mrs. Moire's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. Lamprey.

Miss Belle Nudd was a visitor to Haverhill, Mass., on Tuesday.

Irving Powers received word Tuesday at the death of his brother in Philadelphia. While the brother has been in ill health for a long time, the death came suddenly and is a great blow to the two remaining members of the family, Irving Powers and Miss Clara Powers, and to whom the sympathy of friends in Hampton is extended.

Mr. and Mrs. Forest Pratt and baby Hugh, of Eliot, Me., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. George Towle are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter.

Mrs. Charlotte Nye will move into the Williams house in Guinea this week.

Miss Mildred and Pauline Brown attended the wedding of Miss Ella Burlingame on Saturday evening, Sept. 3rd., in Exeter.

Willard Emery spent Friday and Saturday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Emery.

Miss Belle Gower returned to her home in Everett, Mass., on Monday, after several days visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Thompson, Exeter road

Mrs. W. B. Phillips and Miss Fannie went to Portsmouth on a shopping expedition last Saturday.

The Womans' Missionary Society of the Free Baptist Church met Wednesday with and was entertained by Mrs. Warren Batchelder at her beautiful home on the Exeter Road.

The vacation season is over for the students and many of them are going back to school. Miss Fannie Phillips entered Wednesday upon her senior year at Robinson Seminary, and Miss Lillian takes up the studies and duties of the second year at Hampton Academy.

Miss Lucinda Batchelder has been suffering and confined to her bed since last Saturday with Sciatica and Lumbago. At this writing, Wednesday morning, she is a little more comfortable. Her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.

Mrs. Jennie Eastman and her niece, Miss Gertrude Yeaton, who visited at the Free Baptist Parsonage last week, returned to their home at East Wilton, Me., on Thursday.

Misses Harriet and Esther Carpenter of Newmarket, friends of the Phillips, passed the day last Friday at the Free Baptist parsonage. In the afternoon, Misses Harriet and Esther, Fannie and Lillian Phillips went to Hampton beach.

Earl W. Morehouse is visiting his friend, Chauncey M. Butler, of Stoneham, Mass., who returned to his home on Monday, after spending a week with Mr. Morehouse at his home here.

Miss Hattie S. Adams of South Framingham, Mass., and Miss Laura Jones of Philadelphia, Pa., have been guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. LeForest Newman and little son were guests of Mrs. Newman's father, Mr. Morgan, over Sunday and Labor Day.

Mrs. Eugene Campbell and son, Ross, of Newburyport, were guests of Mrs. J. A. Ross on Sunday.

Charles Marston is on the sick list this week.

The bowling alley and soda water stand at the Casino will be open until the 10th of the month and the moving pictures will be in operation all this week.

Miss Jule Trefethern is teaching in the East End School primary and Miss Dorothy Smart has been engaged to teach the school in Guinea.

Miss Minnie B. Kimball of Exeter and a classmate of Miss Fannie Phillips at Robinson Seminary went to Hampton beach on Labor day and on her return, called for a couple of hours at the parsonage.

One evening last week there was an impromptu musicale given at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Phillips. The program was somewhat peculiar and varied. Chauncey Butler of Stoneham, Mass., Earl Morehouse, Fannie and Lillian and Mrs. Phillips of Hampton and Miss Gertrude Yeaton of Me., all took turns at the piano. There were selections by the Phillips family orchestra, cornet solo, violin duet and selections by the Phillips family quartet. Mr. Butler and Mr. Morehouse are experts upon the piano and are excellent entertainers. They went by trolley to Stoneham, Mass., Monday forenoon.

At the Free Baptist Church next Sunday morning, the Rev. W. Lincoln Phillips will preach from the theme, "The Day of Pentecost." The choir will sing a selection entitled, "A Song Praise." Words by Jennie Ree and music by Adolph Jesreal. Sunday School at the close of the morning service at 11:15. Rev. D. H. Adams, Superintendent. Choir rehearsal directly at the close of the Sunday School. The choir have some more new anthems and music to learn to sing. Evening service of praise, prayer and testimonies at 7 o'clock. Subject, "The Last Christ." There will be special music. Come. Midweek prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. Please make an effort to attend these services. You are needed and will be welcome.

A very delightful social function was given Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Emma Young on the beach road when at a party given in honor of the birthday anniversary of Miss Alvena Hanson, a well known and popular young lady of the town, the engagement was announced of Miss Gladys Young and James D. S. Janvrin of Hampton Falls. The rooms of the house were handsomely adorned with clusters of garden flowers and greenery, with large clusters of delilahs and pink sweet peas predominating in the effective arrangement. In the dining room the decorations were of great beauty, and suspended above the table there were two Cupids, each bearing festoons of hearts. Tiny envelopes were at each cover containing the cards of Miss Young and Mr. Janvrin, the engagement being announced in this novel way. The menu was of an elaborate nature, and the evening was passed in a most delightful manner with socialability and converse. A feature of the event was the cutting of a handsomely iced cake, which was in honor of Miss Hanson, a close friend of Miss Young, the cake being adorned with tiny candles. Both Miss Young and Mr. Janvrin were cordially felicited by their many friends, and Miss Hanson also received many expressions for the return of many anniversary days. Miss Young is the daughter of Mrs. Emma Young of the Ocean house and has many friends in this vicinity.


Who is Present, and What is Going on at this Popular Resort

The annual outing of the New England Protective Association was held at this resort, about seventy-five members being present from various sections of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The day was passed in an informal manner, a basket collection being provided at noon. President William E. Ellis of Boston was among the guests of honor. The next annual outing will be held one year hence at Oak Bluffs, Mass., which will mark the tenth anniversary of the inception of the order.

Kimball M. McLaughlin of Salem Center is erecting a large garage in the rear of his property on Ocean avenue, to accommodate four automobiles.

A Raymond party domiciled at the Avon house includes Miss Belle Cram, Miss Ella D. Page, Miss Julia Knight and Miss Annie West.

Mrs. Rufus E. Graves of the Ocean house has been at her home in Newmarket during the week.

Mrs. J. H. Doherty and family of Roxbury, Mass., are occupying one of the Newcomb cottages.

Mrs. Dunham of Newton Highlands, Mass., is spending a few days of vacation life here.

Edgar Reed and wife and son, Raymond, of Haverhill are sojourning at the Avon house.

Misses Alice B. and Katherine A. Looney of Manchester are recent arrivals at Cutler's Sea View house.

William Allen and family have returned to their home in Amesbury after a stay of a few weeks at the Newcomb cottage.

Mrs. P. R. Small of Fremont is sojourning for a stay of several days at the Pressey cottage.

Everett Proctor of Haverhill spent the end of the week at Greenlawn cottage as the guest of his father, J. W. Proctor.

Fred Goodwin and family of Concord are domiciled at the Hastings cottage.

George L. A. Kelley and family of Haverhill are pleasantly established at the Puritan cottage on Ocean Avenue.

Dr. and Mrs. F. N. Rogers are included among the Manchester vacationists here.

S. Bennett and wife have returned to Haverhill.

H. L. Alexander, owner of the Newton cottage, has returned to his home in Boston.

The Labor day season at this resort was one of the most successful in years, and an unusually good business was done at the various cottages along the beach. Large crowds were well handled by the railway companies, and the weekend was a fitting climax to business of the season.

The Hampton beach opera house closed Monday for the season with the presentation of "St. Elmo," which was witnessed by large audiences at both performances. The Casino and adjacent buildings will remain open for business during the remainder of the week.

Henry Thompson and family of Derry have come to the beach, where they will spend the first two weeks of the month.

Walter E. Schmeichel of the marine barracks, Portsmouth, visited friends here on Sunday.

Gay Smart, an employee of the New England Telephone company of Portsmouth, has recently been at the beach for a short stay.