The Hamptons Union, August 11, 1910

Vol. II, No. 32

Hampton News

Miss Charlotte Draper, a classmate of Miss Sarah Augusta Blake's, is the guest of Miss Blake this week.

Mrs. Irving Garland and daughter Marion, with Miss Ella Lamprey, visited Haverhill, Mass. on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Horace Whittier are recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Whittier.

Mrs. Clara Philbrick entertained a party of relatives at dinner on Saturday in honor of her father's ninetieth birthday.

Miss Edith Livingston is always a welcome guest in town. With her uncle and aunt she is stopping at the Ocean House at Hampton Beach. Miss Livingston plans to go to York Beach later in the season where a party of her friends are boarding.

Miss Sarah Augusta Blake has accepted a position in the High School in Bath, New Hampshire. A classmate of Miss Blake's is principal and has been fortunate in securing Miss Blake as assistant.

Mrs. Nelson Blake, Miss Alice Weare, Mrs. Richardson and two children, Mrs. Edward Brown, Mrs. Charles Brown, Mrs. George Johnson and children enjoyed an outing at the beach on Saturday, having a picnic supper.

Miss Gratia Godfrey with little niece, Miss Ruth Godfrey, arrived at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Godfrey, for a month's vacation on Wednesday.

Miss Maud Patch of Waltham, Mass., is spending the weekend with her aunt Mrs. Allie Godfrey.

The Misses Flora and Josephine Joplin returned home from Amherst, Mass., on Tuesday.

Mrs. Church and daughter of Lawrence are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Church.

Miss Junietta Noyes, who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Oliver H. Godfrey, for the past month, went to Waltham, Mass., on Thursday.

Mrs. J. Parker Blake and son Phillip Blake are spending the week in Portland, Me. with Mr. Blake.

Miss Ethel Powers of Melrose, Mass is the guest this month of her aunt, Mrs. Irving Powers.

Mrs. Edward Towle, Mrs. S. J. Blake, Miss Lottie Brown, Mrs. Dr. Pickering and Miss Flossie Towle enjoyed a trolley trip to Old Orchard Me., on Tuesday. They started on the 8:10 a.m. car and returned home on the 10:20 p.m., well tired, but amply repaid by the pleasure of the trip.

Mrs. Foulds is entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Callahan of White Plains, N.Y. Mrs. Foulds comes to Hampton every two weeks and feels that a few days in Hampton is well worth the trip from New York.

Mister Jonathan Godfrey of Lynn, Mass. is visiting his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Brown.

Miss Flora Johnson is very unfortunate with her left arm and hand. One summer she severed two fingers, the next summer she broke her arm, last summer she strained ligaments and this summer she has sprained the wrist.

Miss Leola M. Marston, who is employed in the Rockingham Printing Co., is enjoying two weeks vacation.

Miss Mary Toppan is visiting Miss Jessie Merrill at her home in North Woodstock, N.H.

Dr. T. H. Chivers and family of Newburyport visited his aunt Mrs. Oliver Towle, on Sunday.

Miss Minnie B. Kimball of Exeter, a senior at Robinson seminary and a classmate of Miss Fannie Phillips came to Hampton last Saturday and visited the Free Baptist parsonage over Sunday. She returned to her home Sunday evening after attending divine worship.

The picnic that was to be held in Garland's grove this week Friday by the Free Baptist Sunday school will be postponed until next week because some of the men folks are so busy this week cutting hay on the marshes.

The Boston Lightning Rod Co. have engaged of J. A. Johnson eight of the Johnson extension ladders.

Miss Sarah Crittenden of Lynn, Mass., and Miss Montgomery of Exeter, the Misses McDonald of Woburn, Mass, and Miss McCarthy and friend of Dorchester, are among the latest arrivals at Greta Hall.

The Sunday School of the Congregational Church will hold it annual picnic on Tuesday next at the North Beach. Take 10 o'clock car. If stormy it will be held the next fair day.

Saturday evening Minnie Kimball and Lillian Phillips went to Hampton Beach.

Mrs. Hannah Hawbolt has been engaged to care for Mrs. Warren, who is still quite ill at Mrs. E. D. Berry's.

Come to the Free Baptist Church next Sunday morning and hear two young ladies sing the bass solo in the anthem.

Miss Grace Ida, the little daughter of Fred Nutter, now living near Pittsfield, Pa., recently fell and broke her right arm.

Mrs. Hunter and little daughter from New York City are visiting her sister Mrs. Spinney, for several weeks.

The attendance at the Free Baptist Church is increasing. A larger number than usual last Sunday at both morning and evening services. We are glad that the summer company are hearing the invitation and are coming to church. Let nothing prevent their coming. We are heartily glad and appreciate your presence.

Commencing next Monday, August 15, for the entire week the attraction at Hampton beach theatre will be Joseph J. Flynn's "A Party Persian" a farce comedy in two acts by Robert Garnella. Constructed from laughing purposes only. "A Pretty Persian" will be one of the comedy hits of the current season. A cast of musical excellence has been selected and includes William Sellery, Robert Garnella, Charlotte Hart, Katherine Scott and a chorus of pretty girls. Performances will be given every afternoon and evening.

The lawn party held in Toppan's grove Tuesday afternoon and evening by Ocean Side grange was a complete success. The following is the musical program presented by the music committee: Overture, (a) Evening Slumbers, (b) Annapolis Midshipmen, Phillips family orchestra; Amy Marston; violin duet (a) Grip of Gold, (b) Guards March, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips and Miss Fannie; quartet, Phillips quartet, violin solo, Ada Tarlton; cornet solo, W. Lincoln Phillips, orchestra, Our Director.

At the Free Baptist Church next Sunday the Pastor Rev. W. Lincoln Phillips, will preach from the theme "Perfect Love." The choir will sing an anthem entitled, "Shadow of a Mighty Rock," by Carrie B. Adams, a very worshipful number. Sunday School at the close of the morning service. Choir rehearsal directly at the close of the Sunday School. Evening service of praise, prayer and testimonials at 7 o'clock. The Phillips family orchestra will play an opening selection and lead the praise service. Subject for the meeting "The Duties of the Day." Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7:30. You are most cordially invited to be present at these services Strangers and summer visitors will always be welcome.

Nathaniel Spinney celebrated his eighty-third birthday Tuesday, August 9. He was remembered by many of his friends. A birthday cake, beautiful flowers and other tokens of respect were presented him; also a little family gathering at his home Tuesday evening. Delicious refreshments were served, including ice cream, fruit, cake, etc. His friends wish him many more happy birthdays. He is a very energetic man, has picked berries most every day for the past month, and not many younger people can accomplish more work than Mr. Spinney.

A most enjoyable porch party was given by Miss Adeline C. Marston to a number of her friends on Tuesday afternoon. Among the guests were Miss Bertha Chesley of Amesbury, Miss Charlotte Draper of Canton, Mass., (who is visiting her friend Miss Augusta Blake), Mrs. Church and Miss Elizabeth Church of Lawrence, Miss Gratia Godfrey and Miss Ruth Godfrey, Mrs. Albert Church, Miss Elizabeth Philbrick, Mrs. Addie B. Brown, and others, Miss Mattie Chipman of Somerville, who is staying at O.H. Marston's helped entertain. A most delicious lunch of cake, cocoa, sandwiches, olives and ice cream was served.

Hampton Beach

Who is present, and What is Going on at this Popular Resort

The Fairview house was the scene of a delightful musical on a recent evening, the occasion being arranged by Mrs. James F. Garland of Manchester, and was participated in by numerous guests from Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth, Lawrence, Haverhill and Boston. The program included both vocal and instrumental selections, and there were other numbers given by the trio of musicians upon the clarinet, violin and cornet.

On Wednesday last the choir of St. Mary's Church in Lawrence Mass., to the number of sixty-five guests, participated in their annual outing to this resort, headquarters for the day being made at the Janvrin hotel, where the day was passed in a most pleasant manner. A shore dinner was discussed at the noon hour, and late in the evening supper was partaken of, Mrs. D. A. Munsey serving a handsome collation. A season of social intercourse was enjoyed, and several soloists in the party rendered some admirable numbers which were of a very high order. Chorus singing was also enjoyed, and the outing was most successfully conducted, the return to Lawrence being made in the late evening by special car.

Mrs. T. J. Dowd, Miss Lillie Dowd, Miss Jane F. Dowd and Miss Irene B. Dowd, all of Nashua, have arrived at the Ocean house, where they will pass the remainder of the season, as has been their custom for several years.

Miss Mary and Katherine Sweeney of Dover are enjoying a portion of the vacation term at this resort.

Frank Collins and family have returned to their home in Manchester after enjoying a fortnight's stay at their cottage in the Manchesterville settlement.

B. P. Cole and wife of Newburyport, Mass., are recent arrivals registered at the Ocean house.

A new residence is being erected at Seabrook Beach near the Junction for Edward Briggs of North Carolina, and formerly of Amesbury, the structure being well along toward completion. The work is being done by contractor A. C. McDonald of Amesbury and it is stated that other summer homes are to go up shortly in that immediate locality.

Lieut. H. D. Kidder, U. S. N., is among the arrivals of distinction registered for a portion of the week at the Janvrin hotel.

Last Wednesday evening the second grand display of fireworks of the season took place on the oceanfront opposite the Casino at the close of the theatrical performance, and one of the largest crowds of the season was in attendance. A similar exhibition has been arranged for each Wednesday evening during the remainder of the season.

Visitors at the seashore Tuesday week witnessed a perfect mirage, which as usual depicted another group of islands off the direction of the Isles of Shoals. The buildings and trees were clearly outlined, and the illusion was watched for some time, the scene finally disappearing as if by magic.

City Marshal Thomas Entwistle of Portsmouth fell backward over the flight of steps leading to the veranda of Cutler's Café at noon Sunday, and by falling severely wrenched the ligaments of his right arm and shoulder, sustained a scalp wound on the back of his head and cut his neck. Marshal Entwistle was raised from the ground by Congressman Cyrus A. Sulloway, Morris Dwyer of Exeter, Samuel W. Emery, Jr. of Portsmouth and John Noyes of Plaistow. After preliminary treatment at the hotel he was obliged to immediately return to Portsmouth. He was confined to his bed. Entwistle, who is a candidate for the Governor's Council, and Mr. Emery, a candidate for County Solicitor, were walking up the stairway when Mr. Dwyer pushed against Mr. Entwistle, who then lost his balance. He and the other politicians were there to attend a Sulloway meeting.

Ralph W. Gould and wife and party of Amesbury were among the Sunday arrivals passing a short time at the seashore.

Warren Chapman of Haverhill was a visitor at the Beach over the end of the week.

Mrs. Daniel Fitts, who is spending the summer months at Newcomb cottage, No. 2, has returned to her home in Lowell, where she will spend the coming week, later returning to the seashore.

Frank Sawyer and family of Newburyport have recently been at the seashore for a short season of rest and recreation.

E. W. Hinshaw and wife and H. R. Hinshaw of Washington, D. C. are among the notable arrivals of the week registered at the Ocean house.

Miss Helen Chase of Main street, Haverhill, has recently been the guest for a short stay of Mrs. Charles Newcomb, who is spending the season at the Newcomb cottage.

Ralph Goodwin has returned to his home in Haverhill after spending several days of vacation life here.

Mrs. James Goggin of Exeter is spending a few days of vacation life at this resort.

George H. Kingston and wife, Howard M. Williamson and wife of Manchester are guests at the Ocean house for quite and extended stay.

Agnes M. Pillsbury and Robert of Boscawen are guests at the Ocean house during a portion of the vacation time.

A Hampton party, which recently visited the Beach, making its head quarters at the Janvrin Hotel, included as members C. E. Janvrin and wife, J. D. L. Janvrin, Miss Gladys Young and Jonathan Nason and wife.

Mary V. Toomey and Mira T. Thompson of Concord are spending several days at the Pleasant View House.

Miss Evelyn Nason of Dorchester is the guest for a few days of Mrs. R. E. Graves at the Ocean house.

Mrs. Cora K. Butterfield of Chester is a guest at the Pressey Cottage during a portion of the month.

G. H. Hatch and wife of Laconia are rusticating at the Beach for quite an extended stay.

Hampton Beach Casino

Commencing next Monday, August 15, the patrons of Hampton beach theatre are to have as the attraction for the week Manager Flynn's big laugh show, "The Pretty Persian," a farce comedy in two acts presented by a clever company of comedians and pretty girls who can sing and dance.

The cast is headed by the clever comedians William Sellery and Robert Garnella, two of the best men in their line of work known to the American Stage and who are aided and abetted in the fun-making by such clever people as August Kammerlee, Otto Kastner, Frederick Freman, Katherine Scott, Charlotte Hart and Elsie Garnella, and a bevy of pretty girls who can sing and dance. The musical numbers are new and up to date and include "My Oriental Lady," "Schlitz," "Foolish Questions," "Hoolaboom," "Mary, You're A Big Girl Now," "Just A Little Ring From You," "Silvery, Congo Moon," "You're the Ideal of My Dream," "Gra'd Uproar," " Serenade," "When The Bells in the Lighthouse Ring," and "Moving day in Jungle Town."

"Thy Pretty Persian" will be the bill at the Casino Theatre every afternoon and evening starting next Monday.