The Hamptons Union, June 30, 1910

Vol. II, No. 26

Hampton News

The Misses Flora and Josephine Joplin expect to spend several weeks soon in Amherst, Mass., in attendance at summer school.

John A. Ross, Jr., of Ithaca, N.Y. is expected in town early in July to spend a few weeks.

Mrs. Nelson Blake was a week end visitor to friends in Dorchester, Mass.

Miss Frances Nudd entertained her classmate, Miss Fogg of North Hampton, over Sunday.

Oliver Hobbs is having fine success with his early peas, picking four bushels and a half on Monday.

The Relief Corps held a special meeting Tuesday evening, principally for practice work and to have the general orders read.

The Womans' Missionary Society of the Congregational church will be entertained upon Tuesday, July 5, by Mrs. Parker Blake and Miss Norris. The change of date is made because of the meeting of the Piscataqua Congregational club at the Wentworth upon Wednesday, July 6th, of which club members of the Missionary society are members.

Mrs. W. H. Glidden will start Friday for Newport, Vt., where she will spend the summer and obtain a much needed rest.

Mrs. C. W. Newcomb, proprietor of the Boston Dry Goods Store, is planning for a new house on High Street, opposite Mrs. E. D. Berry's

Frank Marble of Lynn has been spending a few days with his chum, Charles O. Marston, at the latter's grandfather's. The two young men are planning to go abroad in season to see the Passion Play at Oberammergau

Mr. & Mrs. Frank H. Higgins, nee Miss Mary Redman, are visiting Mrs. Higgins' parents. Mrs. Higgins plans to spend the summer in Hampton.

Mr. and Mrs. Moore, nee Miss Laura Lamprey, have been guests of Mrs. Moore's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lamprey. They returned to their home in Boston on Wednesday.

Miss Flora Joplin has returned home for the summer's vacation.

Miss Sadie B. Lane and niece, Eloise Lane, are boarding in Chichester, N.H., this week.

Mr. W. T. Keene, Mrs. Parker Blake, Phillip Blake and Harold Keene will attend the circus in Newburyport on Thursday. Others plan to see the circus in Portsmouth on Friday.

The W. C. T. U. held a very pleasant meeting on Friday last, with Mrs. Luce. After the meeting, a social time and a dainty lunch were enjoyed. It was decided to send flowers to the Flower Mission in Boston. All are invited to bring flowers to Mrs. George Knowles Wednesday evening. She will pack and send them.

In 1884, the W. C. T. U. had a well dug near the town hall, farther east than the pump now standing there. It was not a success and later there was at great expense to the W. C. T. U., the present driven well made there, which furnishes most excellent water. At the first pump was placed a silver drinking cup, marked with date 1884 and W. C. T. U. This cup was not treated well, even one time being used as a target. It was not one of our boys who shot it, and it cost the boy's father two dollars to have it repaired. It has not been used there since. But mugs get smashed and tin cups rust, and nothing is very inviting. We now give you the silver cup again, trusting that you will treat it well. There is nothing too good for our boys and girls. To them we soon must pass over the work of the town. As a proof of your trustworthiness, guard well the cup that we place at the town pump. It is yours, but please use it carefully.

The Atkinson Homestead has been purchased by Mrs. Glidden, a daughter-in-law of Mrs. William H. Glidden for a summer home. Mrs. Atkinson is planning to go to Greta Hall for awhile at least.

Mr. Hansen and family will soon move into the house of George Towle, near Amos Towle's, formerly occupied by the late Miss Abbie Coffin.

E.P. Sanborn has a large stock of fireworks which will be on sale to night.

Miss Clara Valiquet spent Sunday with her brother in Lynn, Mass.

Miss Grace K. Marston has returned from a week's visit to Portland, Me.

At Concord, Thursday, June 23rd, by Rev. William Woodruff Niles, Bishop of New Hampshire, Julia Atherton Harris, daughter of Mrs. Augustus Gray Harris, was united in marriage with Robert Whiting Harrington of Newton, Mass. Miss Harris was a former resident of Hampton, and has many friends here who extend hearty congratulations to the happy couple.

The Monday Club had a delightful outing in Mr. Bennett's Beach Cottage on Wednesday. The day was ideal, the feast delicious and abundant and everyone had a royal good time. The guests were Mrs. Stanley Ward, Wheaton Lane and the little Misses Beatrice Church, Ernestine Cole, Janet Ward, Alga Wilkinson and Isabella Thompson.

Mrs. Samuel Poor and Mrs. Clara Philbrick have sold several acres of land back of their home to Mr. Thomas Coggar.

A. L. Joplin has this week been putting a new railing on the first floor of the Hampton Beach Hotel and making other repairs to the house.

Charles C. White is one of the new conductors in the service of the E. H. & A. He takes to the work like a duck to water and give one the idea of having always worn the blue with brass buttons.

Wm. T. Ross, C. E., has begun the construction of a section of concrete sea wall just East of the section built last year in front of Cutler's

The opening of the season at Hampton Beach Casino Theatre will take place next Saturday afternoon and evening and the attraction will be one of Manager Joseph J. Flynn's best musical organizations with popular and talented Tom Whyte in the leading comedy role. The fact that Manager Flynn's companies are to be seen at the Casino Theatre the coming summer and that Tom Whyte will again have charge of the company and also appear in some of the principal comedy roles of the different productions to be given, is in itself an assurance that patrons of this theatre can look forward to a series of excellent productions again this summer and feel assured that a season of fine performances are about to begin. The bill for the first week will be the merry musical frivolity "The Honeymoon", a laughable two act comedy replete with the latest musical numbers and latest song hits. Mr. Whyte will be seen in the principal comedy role and he will be aided and abetted in the fun making by one of he best companies Manager Flynn has ever sent to the Casino Theatre. "The Honeymoon" will be given on Saturday, July 2nd, afternoon and evening and for the week commencing Monday July 4th every afternoon and evening.