The Hamptons Union, June 29, 1906

Hampton News

J. A. Lane is having water works put in his house and stable.

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Colvin of Brooklyn, N. Y., have been in town for the past week.

Miss Grace Preble has resigned her position as assistant instructor at Hampton academy.

Mrs. James Blanchard has been in Lynn a week where she was called by the death of her father.

Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Jones of Manchester have bought the James Lane farm and will at once take possession.

The members of Perkins Relief Corps attended the district meeting held with Moses N. Collins corps in Exeter on Friday.

A large delegation of members of the Perkins Relief Corps went to North Hampton on Sunday afternoon to attend the funeral services of Mrs. Stephen B. Tarlton which was held in the Christian church at Little River.

Last Friday evening in Odd Fellows hall a pleasing entertainment was given under the auspices of Winnicummett Rebecca Lodge. The farce "Cousin Timmy" was the chief feature of the program. Ice cream, cake and candy were on sale.

On Thursday evening of this week in Hampton town hall some students of Hampton academy, assisted by Mrs. Frances M. J. Perkins and Miss Mildred Batchelder, presented the drama "Up to Freddie", Miss Henrietta Gremmels being accompanist. An informal dance followed.

Children's Sunday will be observed at the Congregational church on Sunday next as inclement weather prevented the exercises which had been planned a fortnight ago. The Pastor, Rev. George P. Rowell, will deliver an appropriate sermon and in the evening a concert will be given by members of the Sunday school.

A large audience assembled at the town hall last Thursday afternoon to hear the exercises with which the grammar, intermediate and primary schools closed the work of the school year. The program was most interesting and proved that the teachers and scholars had taken great interest in preparing it.

The following have been admitted to Hampton academy: Ethel Barton, John Berry, Russell Berry, Bessie Brown, Myron Brown, Percy Blake, Jessie Fogg, Sara Gookin, Nima Locke, Shirley Moulton, Frances Nudd, Viola Nudd, Percy Perkins, Leon Philbrick, Kenneth Ross, Harry Smart, Byron Smith, with others to hear from in preparatory work. The school now offers full business and college preparatory courses.

On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Cole entertained a large company of friends at their home, the occasion being Mr. Cole's birthday, and also the tenth anniversary of their wedding. Music was furnished by three young ladies of Rochester. A feature of the evening, which came as a surprise, was the marching in of 11 members of the class of '87 of Hampton high school, of which class Mr. Cole is a member, to the singing of a class song written for the occasion. The class presented to Mr. and Mrs. Cole a chafing dish. In receiving their guests Mr. and Mrs. Cole stood beneath an arch of evergreen. They were the recipients of many gifts.

A most excellent musical entertainment was given last Sunday evening in the Congregational church, when the sacred cantata "The Galileans" was presented by the church chorus, under the efficient leadership of Mr. Carl L. Akeley. The cantata has been in process of rehearsal for several weeks, and its production last Sunday evening reflected the greatest credit upon the members of the chorus and their leader. The solos, recitations and choruses were given in an admirable manner, and the large congregation present thoroughly appreciated the excellence of the program.