Sleepy Hampton Falls Wakes Up

September 28, 1999

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Sleepy Hampton Falls Wakes Up

Native Serves As New Hampshire Governor

By Steve Jusseaume, Staff Writer

Though a relatively quiet town, Hampton Falls has managed to make itself known. Native Wesley Powell served as governor of New Hampshire from 1959 to 1963. Today, the population of Hampton Falls is approximately 1,635. The town contains 19 miles of streets with its 14.5-square miles of land area.

Hampton Falls during the 20th Century has remained a relative backwater town, a so-called bedroom town to larger communities such as Portsmouth and, in the later decades of the century, Boston.

A volunteer fire department was organized in the town in 1949 and celebrated its 50th anniversary this summer with a region- wide muster in September.

The department fought several large fires over the years, including a massive blaze in 1993 which destroyed the home of Dr. Terry Bennett. "All I could think of was Waco," blared the headline in the Aug. 6 Issue of Hampton Union, the quote coming from Hampton Falls Fire Chief Robert Woodes.

The Drinkwater Road home was worth an estimated $1.9 million.

In recent years, development has increased in the town. Several housing developments have been approved in the late 1990s, including subdivisions at Applecrest Orchards. Town Administrator Eric Small says one goal established in 1996 that is still being pursued by town officials is a survey of all private swimming pools in Hampton Falls with an eye toward ensuring that all are in compliance with the town’s fencing requirements. In addition, improvements have been made to the town hall in recent years. Several years ago the Board of Selectmen decided to rent the locally historic Creighton House as a residence. This year, however, the board instead sold the building, and it is scheduled to be removed in pieces and carted away.

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