The Hampton Union Photo Album

September 28, 1999

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

(Note: Page numbers are from the 100th Anniversary edition of
Hampton Union of September 28, 1999.)

  • Hampton Police Dept., 1915: This photograph of the Hampton Police Department was taken in the early 1900s.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Hampton Police Dept., 1940: Members of the Hampton Police Department pose in front of the station in this 1940 photograph. In the front row are: Jerome Harkness, chief; Fred Dalton, John White, Elroy Shaw, Leavitt Magrath, Percy Annis, Ellsworth Hobbs, Mason Carpenter, Samuel Brown, and Edward (Ned) Batchelder, selectman.
    In the back row are: Clifford Eastman, George Hadley, Albert Jacobs, Clarence Shaw, Jack O'Dea, Maurice Dermeritte, and Clifton Seavey.
    {Courtesy Photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Old Hampton Beach Police Station: The old Hampton Police Station was razed in September 1962.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Tuck Field: Hampton women spell out "TUCK" when Tuck Field was dedicated in June 1930.
    {Courtesy photo/Lane Memorial Library}
  • Odd Fellows Hall: The historic Odd Fellows Hall before it was destroyed by fire in 1992.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Odd Fellows Hall Fire: A blaze in the winter of 1992 gutted the hall.
    {Courtesy photo}
  • Baseball Game: A throng of spectators watch a baseball game held around 1909. The baseball diamond was located behind what is now the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.
    {Courtesy photo/Emile Dumont}
  • Carnival Crowd: A crowd gathers at Hampton Beach for Carnival Week in 1915.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Aerial View of Hampton: A bird's eye view of downtown Hampton before much of the area was developed.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Beached Whale: A whale lies on the north side of Boar's Head after beaching itself around 1925.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Another Beached Whale: An unidentified man stands atop a 34-foot sperm whale that washed ashore at Plaice Cove in February 1942.
    {Courtesy photo/Tuck Memorial Museum}
  • Hampton Beach Riots, 1964: Police officers on patrol during the Hampton Beach riots in 1964.
    {Courtesy photo/Lane Memorial Library}
  • Stan Brown: Stan Brown sits at the wheel of a 1906 Maxwell he restored in 1956-58. It was one of Hampton's first automobiles.
    {Courtesy Photo/Lane Memorial Library}
  • Ocean House: The historic and popular Ocean House, pictured here in 1912, sat at the corner of Ocean Boulevard and D Street [where McDonalds is located in the year 2000].
    {Courtesy photo/Emile Dumont}
  • Hampton Water Works: Photo on left: Hampton Water Works first well. Photo on right: First hydrant at the beach.
    {Courtesy photo/Hampton Water Works}
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