Hampton Reprint Postcards

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Published by Hampton Historical Society

Tuck Memorial Museum -- 1974

John M. Holman, Museum Curator, 1970 - 1983
Constance A. Holman, Assistant Curator

Hampton's Town Seal
Hampton's Town Seal
Designed by Hazle Leavitt Smith - 1938
1. Free Baptist Church
Free Baptist Church
Beach Road, Hampton, N.H.
2. The Old Fish Houses
The Old Fish Houses
Hampton Beach, N.H.
3. Grammar School
Grammar School
Hampton, N.H.
[1873 - 1922]
4. Hampton Academy
Hampton Academy & High School
Hampton, N.H.
[1852 - 1940]
5. Hampton Center
The Square and Lafayette Road, North
from Odd Fellows Building,
Hampton, N.H.
6. Lafayette Road, south
Main Street [Lafayette Road, south]
Hampton, N.H.
High Street, east
Hampton, N.H.
8. Lafayette Road, south
Lafayette Road, south from Hotel Whittier,
Hampton, N.H.
9. Lane Memorial Library
Lane Memorial Library,
Hampton, N.H.
10. Odd Fellows Block
Odd Fellows Block,
Hampton, N.H.
[Burned January 27, 1990]
11. Hampton Town Hall
The Town Hall,
Hampton, N.H.
[Burned March 19, 1949]

[Postcards printed by Barker's Print Shop
Earl Barker, Prop. -- 1974]

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