New Hampshire as a Summer Resort: Hampton

Information on Hampton from a special report published in 1906 by the New Hampshire State bureau of Labor

Hampton Beach, which is a peculiarly favored ocean dominated resort, has grown rapidly in popularity since the installation of the splendid electric system which connects it with Portsmouth, Nashua, Salem, Exeter and the railroad stations at Hampton and North Hampton on the Eastern Division of the B. & M. R. R. and with Newburyport, Amesbury, Haverhill, Lawrence and Lowell in Massachusetts. Little Boar's Head adds to the attractiveness of its maganificent bathing beach, from which the ocean view is wide spreading and inspiring. Only fifty-one miles from Boston, this popular resort is easily reached from all points. Within the town of Hampton the investment in hotels and boarding houes ammounts to $150,000; the investment in summer residences, cottages and liveries is $205,000.

Capital Invested in Hotels and Boarding Houses: $150,000
Capital Invested in Summer Residences and Cottages: $200,000
Capital Invested in Summer Liveries and Private Teams by Summer Guests: $5,000
Number of Regular Boarders: 3,000
Number of Transient Boarders: 5,000
Number Living in Cottages and Summer Homes: 1,000
Number of Farmhouses where Boarders are Taken: 30
Number of Boarders Accommodated in Farmhouses: 600
Males Employed: 90
Females Employed: 200
Wages Paid to Males: $5,000
Wages Paid to Females: $7,000