Trolleys to the Casino: Illustrations

Chapter 1 photographs

Development of the System

1889 - 1900
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(Note: Page numbers are from Mr. Cummings' book.)

Cover: Cover to "Trolleys To The Casino; Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway."

1902 Map: Map of New Hampshire Traction Company in 1902.

Page 2a: The Boston & Maine Exeter depot was the starting point for all cars on the Exeter-Hampton Beach route from 1897 through 1925. No. 33, a 14-bench open, is shown at the station about 1900.

Page 2b: No. 20, the Duplex convertible of the EH&A, at the Exeter depot shortly after the car's delivery in 1899.

Page 4a: Ready to leave Exeter for Amesbury in 1900 is No. 18, the RPO car of the EH&A. Herbert Pierson, conductor, is at the left, and Nicholas Walsh, motorman, at right.

Page 4b: Heading up Front Street toward the Exeter depot is one of the big Briggs 14-bench opens about 1900.

Page 4c: Shown on Front Street near the Phillips-Exeter Academy campus is one of the Briggs 20-foot closed cars of the EH&A.

Page 6a: The squamscott House looms in the background as EH&A No. 6 comes down Front Street toward Court Square, Exeter.

Page 6b: Possibly acting as a pusher, the mail car No. 18 is shown with a snow plow on Water Street, Exeter, near the Town Hall.

Page 6c: Standing in Court Square, Exeter is a four-wheel open bound for Hampton Beach.

Page 8a: Passengers board 14-bench open No. 29 at Front and Water Streets, Exeter. The Folsom block at left, housed the EH&A offices for a number of years.

Page 8b: Closed car No. 4, which made the first trip from Hampton Village to Hampton Beach on July 4, 1897, passes the old Exeter House, in the vicinity of the present Rockingham County Building in Exeter.

Page 8c: Newly-delivered from the Briggs plant, No. 14 is shown outside the Hampton carhouse in 1899.

Page 10: The present Route 101-C (Route 27 in 1998) between Exeter and Hampton was just a narrow dirt road when this 10-bench open was snapped as it headed for Hampton Beach about 1910.

Chapter 2 photographs


1897 - 1901

Page 12a:Approaching Hampton Village, a 10-bench open runs along Exeter Road near the old Hampton House.

Page 12b: Nary an automobile was in sight as this 14-bench open passed through Hampton Village on route to Exeter.

Page 16a: Filled with Nobles of Aleppo Shrine Temple, Boston, on August 31, 1901 is Laconia 14-bench open No. 59 at Hampton Village.

Page 16b: Odd Fellows Hall is at the extreme right in this view of a 14-bench open car running along Lafayette Road, Hampton Village.

Page 18a: Open cars 17 and 25 at Whittier's Junction, Hampton Village. The Hotel Whittier is in the left background.

Page 18b: Closed car No. 10 of the EH&A at Whittier's Junction.

Page 18c: The Exeter-Amesbury RPO car at Whittier's Junction, Hampton, about 1901.

Page 20a: Passing the Town Hall and Public Library on Winnacunnet Road, Hampton, is 14-bench open No. 67.

Page 20b: Crossing at Beach Siding, Hampton, are two 14-bench opens, Nos. 59 and 61.

Page 20c: Chunks of ice covering the tracks halt No. 12 on Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach, about 1910. The men are Lewis Clark and George Fifield.

Page 21a: Approaching the Hampton Beach Casino is one of the Briggs 14-bench opens.

Page 21b: This photo of a 10-bench open at Hampton Beach is believed to have been taken on July 4, 1915. Note the large number of automobiles.

Page 21c: L. Frank Stevens, who served as superintendant of the EH&A for several years, stands in front of 14-bench open No. 63.

Page 22a: EH&A No. 1 and Haverhill & Amesbury Nos. 54 and 40 at the Hampton Beach Casino about 1900.

Page 22b: The little octagonal building at the left is the starter's shanty at Hampton Beach and at right can be seen the twin towers of the Casino Opera House.

Page 22c: Aleppo Shrine Temple specials at Hampton Bech on August 31, 1901.

Page 23a: A lone Mass. Northeastern closed car appears in the left background of this circa 1912 view of automobiles parked in front of the Hampton Beach Casino.

Page 23b: A baseball game is apparently in progress on the athletic oval at the rear of the Hampton Beach Casino.

Page 24a: Hampton Beach Scenes of Yesteryear. (Photos unlabled)

Page 24b: Hampton Beach Scenes of Yesteryear. (Photos unlabled)

Page 24c: Hampton Beach Scenes of Yesteryear. (Photos unlabled)

Page 26: The postmark of the Exeter & Amesbury RPO (Railway Post Office).

Chapter 3 Photographs

System Expansion

1901 - 1902

Page 29a:Building the Mile Bridge across the Hampton River between Seabrook and Hampton Beaches.

Page 29b: Building the Mile Bridge across the Hampton River between Seabrook and Hampton Beaches.

Page 30a: Heading for Salisbury Beach, a Mass. Northeastern open runs along Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach.

Page 30b: Crossing the Hampton River Bridge is Briggs 14-bench open No. 59.

Chapter 4 Photographs

The Traction Company Era

1902 - 1906

Page 34a:A 14-bench open of the Mass. Northeastern at Peaslee's Crossing, Newton, on the former Haverhill, Plaistow & Newton Street Railway.

Page 34b: A construction "train" on the Seabrook & Hampton Beach Street Railway at Smithtown Square, Seabrook.

Chapter 5 Photographs


Page 38a:The original Hampton carhouse, built in 1897, and power station.

Page 38b: The Amesbury carhouse on Clinton Street in 1900.

Page 40a: A postcard 1907 view of the "new" Hampton carhouse, built in 1902.

Page 40b: The track layout sketch of the Hampton carhouses after the completion of the barn in 1902.

Chapter 6 Photographs

The EH&A System

1907 - 1921

Page 44a:EH&A No. 8 in Market Square, Amesbury, about 1901.

Page 44b: Mail Car 18 at Salisbury Plains. The clerk is making deliveries to the boxes on the pole at left.

Page 44c: Long a landmark in Smithtown Square, Seabrook, was this combination lunchroom and trolley waiting station.

Page 46a: No. 14 or 16, the mail car, and No. 8 of the EH&A at Smithtown Square.

Page 46b: Here's EH&A No. 6 at Smithtown Square, Seabrook, about 1900. Note the headlights on the vestibule hoods.

Page 48a: One of the ex-Brooklyn opens, No. 19, runs along the present U.S. Route 1 in Seabrook about 1920.

Page 48b: Pausing in Hampton Falls is 14-bench open No. 29, en route from Amesbury to Hampton Beach.

Page 50: Line car No. 2 and a derailed plow near the Dodge Ponds in Hampton Falls.

Chapter 7 Photographs

Municipal Operation

1921 - 1926

Page 53:The present Ocean Boulevard at Hampton Beach was only a path through the sand in this 1908 view, looking north toward Little Boar's Head.

Page 54a: The 3-spot of the Exeter Street Railway at the Exeter depot in 1897.

Page 54b: Carrying Exeter Street Railway lettering is No. 6, shown on Water Street, Exeter.

Page 54c: No. 15 was one of the 10-bench opens purchased from Briggs by the EH&A in 1899.

Chapter 8 Photographs

Rolling Stock

1897 - 1926

Page 56a:No. 27, one of the Briggs 14-bench open at Whittier's, Hampton. This car later became No. 55 of the Mass. Northeastern.

Page 56b: An unidentified Briggs 14-bench open, carrying Amesbury & Hampton lettering, possibly in Salisbury Plains.

Page 56c: Two Laconia opens of the Mass. Northeastern in front of the bandstand at Hampton Beach.

Page 58a: This type of 10-bench open was sold to the EH&A by the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company in 1907.

Page 58b: Arthur Young, motorman, on the rear seat of 14-bench open No. 61, built by the EH&A in 1908, at Young's siding, Hampton Village.

Page 58c: An Exeter & Hampton Electric Company parade float and a 14-bench open at the Hampton carhouse about 1920.

Page 60a: The EH&A's original Birney, No. 4 at the Wason plant in Springfield, Mass.

Page 60b: One of the Birneys of the Medway & Dedham Street Railway at the Wason Plant in 1919.

Page 60c: Biddeford & Saco Birney No. 44, ex-EH&A No. 4, at Old Orchard Beach.

Page 62a: Exeter Street Railway freight car No. 12 at an unknown location.

Page 62b: The EH&A's four-wheel motor flat car and a track gang at Whittier's.

Page 64a: Serving as the kitchen of the Hampton Diner in Hampton Village is EH&A No. 8. (Razed in 1966)

Page 64b: Smashed to smithereens by a bulldozer, the remain of EH&A No. 8 are shown during the demolition of the Hampton Diner in 1966.

Page 64c: Serving as a shed on a Hampton farm is the body of the EH&A mail car, No. 18.

1919 Map: Map of Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway in 1919.

Back Cover: Stock Certificate #99 of the Exeter, Hampton & Amesbury Street Railway, 1908.

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