Trolleys to the Casino: Work Cars and Snow Plows

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There is little available information about the early work equipment of the EH&A. According to the report of the company to the New Hampshire Railroad Commissioners, four service cars were owned as of June 30, 1901 and they are believed to have consisted of one four-wheel motor flat car and three four-wheel flat trailers. Also owned were a tower wagon and a buggy.

Eight work cars were reported from 1902 through 1906 and according to the receiver's inventory in the latter year, they consisted of the line car, No. 2; a four- wheel motor flat car, No. 1, and six 14-foot four-wheel side dump cars. For a time, one of the 10 bench open cars was fitted with a roof platform so it could be used for line repair work.

One of the dump cars was destroyed in the Hampton carhouse fire but its truck and some of the hardware was salvaged and were sold in 1908 for $50 to the New Hampshire Electric Railways, which had purchased the other dump cars in September 1907 for a total of $625.

From 1910 on, work equipment of the EH&A consisted, only of the line car No. 2, the motor flat car, No. 1, and a flat trailer, built in the company shops. All three rode on Dupont C trucks and as of 1911, No.1 had two Steel 34 motors, which had been replaced by the GE67 type by 1919. No. 2 had two Steel 34 motors and K-11 control. After abandonment of the EH&A, the body of the line car was sold and those of the flat cars are believed to have been burned.

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Two four-wheel snow plows of the nose type, one built by Taunton and the other constructed by Smith ec Wallace, were taken over from the Exeter Street Railway by the EH&A in 1899. They became Nos. 37 and 39 respectively and were joined in late 1899 by two more Taunton four-wheel nose plows, Nos. 41 and 43. No. 43 was the property of the Amesbury & Hampton and in later years became P-5 of the Massachusetts Northeastern.

(Northeastern records indicate that P-5 was sold to the Chester & Derry Railroad in November 1924).

The three remaining plows, Nos. 37, 39 and 41, were reported in good condition in the receiver's inventory of 1906 and a 1911 valuation noted that each was equipped in winter with two GE57 motors and K-11 controllers. By 1919, two of the plows, probably 39 and 41, were reported in fair condition, the third being in poor condition.

During the fall of 1921, two four-wheel snow plows were purchased second-hand from the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway for $1,000: These were P-339 and P-340, built by Wason in 1900 and 1903 respectively. Both formerly were operated in Haverhill, P-339 being of the nose type and P-340 of the shear variety.

Two years later, two of the oldest plows, believed to have been Nos. 37 and 39, were scrapped. The three remaining were on the property through 1926 and were scrapped by Perry Buxton Doane in 1927. The former Amesbury & Hampton plow, sold to the Chester & Derry, was junked in 1928.

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