The Ruins at Hampton Beach

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The Cyclone/Tornado -- July 4, 1898

The Boston Herald

Wednesday - July 6, 1898

HAMPTON, N.H., July 5, 1898 -- The fact that eight or more persons were killed and thousands of dollars' worth of property destroyed by yesterday's cyclonic storm has caused Hampton to become the centre of wide interest. This forenoon, aside from caring for the injured, little has been done toward clearing up the wreck or estimating the full extent of the damage.

The place where the storm struck along shore is marked by debris in which uprooted trees and broken branches are mixed up with with wrecks of cottages and other buildings.

The Hampton and the new Boar's Head hotels, which suffered some damage, can be repaired readily.

It was reported by the physicians today that all the wounded were doing well.

The body of Mrs. J. K. Parker of Kingston, one of the members of the ill fated yachting party, was washed ashore this afternoon.

It is believed there was additional loss of life, as a bicycle skirt and two ladies' hats were washed up on the beach today, and it is probable that the clothing was the property of some other party that has found a watery grave.

Searching parties succeeded in locating the sunken yacht today, and tomorrow a diver will attempt to find the remaining two bodies, supposed to be in the cabin, as they are known to have been drowned.

Sketches from the newspaper article

Damage to some cottages
Damage to some cottages.

Damage to a cottage
Damage to a cottage.

Damage to the Lawrence cottage
Damage to the Lawrence cottage.

Ruins of the Skating Rink
Ruins of the Skating Rink.
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