Scouts Help Clean Up Mess From Rains

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By Patrick Cronin

Hampton Union, Tuesday, May 23, 2006

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Members of Hampton’s Boy Scout Troop 176 help remove debris from flood-damaged homes in the Taylor River Estates neighborhood Saturday morning. From left are Kenon Fachon, Parker Westbrook and Patrick Pine. [Photo by Andrew Moore]

HAMPTON -- Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop 176 spent Saturday morning helping residents at Taylor River Estates clean out their homes that were damaged because of flooding.

Taylor River Estates was one of hardest hit areas in Hampton because of last week’s flooding of the Taylor River, which was caused by one of worst rain storms in years.

Assistant Scout Leader Jeannine Derba said eight Boy Scouts and five Cub Scouts spent the day helping residents removing items from homes that were damaged.

"The kids were just phenomenal," said Derba. "We didn’t have to tell them to do anything, they just did it. I’m very proud of them."

Two of the Boy Scouts canceled plans to attend a party to help out.

"Once we cleaned out one home we moved on to the next," said Derba. "We loaded trucks and local Dumpsters."

Derba said the boys were hauling out everything from damaged appliances, furniture, floor tiles, tools, sheet rock and much more.

Two homes at the end of Taylor River Estates, which directly abut the water, were the worst hit.

"One house had to be completely ripped up on the first floor," Derba said. "The troop was taking out drywall, cabinets, a stove and a dishwasher. You can’t even imagine the damage, and we saw it when it was dry."

The woman told the troop the water in her house was 5 feet high when she first came back to her home after the storm.

Derba said the troop decided to help out because one of their Cub Scouts lived at Taylor River Estates.

She said this was a chance for the Scouts to go beyond camping and merit badges and become "true citizens" of Hampton."

Jerry Dufour, a Cub master, was the one who organized the cleanup and got the ball rolling on the endeavor.

"One lady was so appreciative," Derba said. "She told us that she never thought a bunch of 12-year-olds would come to her rescue.

"An elderly man was happy that the troop was there to clear off big branches that fell into his yard."

Derba said the troop spent five hours in the area and made countless trips to the transfer station.

The names of the Boy Scouts who assisted the flood victims were Chris Chao, patrol leader; Jerry Dufour, assistant patrol leader; Tommy Warren, quartermaster; Matt Broad; Max Causer; Kenon Fachon; Sean Terry; and Shawn Wasson.

The names of the Cub Scouts who assisted are: Jason Broad, Jordan Causer, Patrick Pine, Dylan Plaisted, Spencer Simonds and Parker Westbrook.

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