East End School House -- 1919-1920

Junction of Locke & Winnacunnet Road

Compiled by John M. Holman, Hampton History Volunteer
Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, N.H.

East End schoolhouse
The "East End" School House, 1873 - 1922

"The East End School House was also built in 1873, a wooden building, 46 feet by 32 feet, with 12 feet high ceilings in the lower story and 10 feet ceilings in the upper story, and was built at a cost of $5,358.70. A marker indicates the spot where it once stood at the junction of Locke Road and Winnacunnet Road. Prior to its being demolished in July of 1940 after being auctioned off for $120, it had been a Tea Room, serving a blue plate dinner for $1.; English tea was served from 3 to 5 p.m.. A business card in the Tuck Museum shows that there was parking grounds and dance hall for guests. It was operated by Eva E. Mason, and was called "EAST END SCHOOL HOUSE LUNCH". It was not used for a school after 1922, when the Centre School opened its doors."

East End School -- 1919-1920

Grades 5th & 6th

Miss Jessie Daughenbaugh, Teacher

Photo courtesy Gertrude (Paulsen) Palmer Estate
The East End School, 1919-1920,
Grades 5th & 6th,
Miss Jessie Daughenbaugh, Teacher.
[Photo courtesy Gertrude (Paulsen) Palmer Estate]
Row #1Row #4
Roland BraggJoseph Raymond
Carlisle MoodyHarold Veto
Wilfred CunninghamCharles Jones
Albert BrownClayton Hanson
Roger MooreWilmont Teague
Arthur NoyesJohn Elliot
------ WeuzelWinslow White
Raymond BrownAlvin Emery
 Lawrence Tilton
Evelyn BrownRow #5
Doris FelchEdmund Langley
Jeannie CashElliot Stanger
Annie Seward[Teacher]
Phyllis WhiteJohn Woodburn
Edith RaymondClifton Marston
Pauline WeuzelAlbert Seward
Margaret MaceJames Guyon
Dorothy GilpatrickClarence Shaw
 Winslow Brown
Row #3William McIllveen
Barbara MitchellAlbert Towle
Mildred CollinsPhilip Hutchinson
Sylvia HatchTeacher: Miss Jessie
Gertrude Paulsen (Palmer)[Mrs. Oscar Pearson,
Frances Drew5 Towle Avenue,
Alice RemickExeter, N.H.]
Marjorie Wood 
East End School house on left, Garland Homestead on right
Junction Winnnacunnet and Locke Road.