Treasure Chest Of Books Bound For War-Torn Holland

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Centre School Fifth Grade In Spring 1946

Atlantic News, Tuesday, May 14, 1991

Centre School students in 5th grade in 1946

Many of the students shown above are still residents of Hampton or live in neighboring Seacoast communities. In the photo are, front, left to right: Nancy J. Toleman, Betty F. Batchelder, Charles G. White, the "Treasure Chest," Lucy A. O'Dea, Marjorie L. Rice and Betty E. Clough.

Second row, kneeling from left: Arthur J. Moody, C. Raymond Gilmore, Robert P. Lavigne, Robert N. Weeks, Sally A. Wiggin, Howard Johannesson [misidentified in the Atlantic News article as Amie Pelletier], Jo-Anne M. Thompson, Patricia Vanaman and Kenneth R. Kee.

Third row, from left: Joyce E. Ford, Theodore J. Scott, Jr., Margaret "Peg" Bowley, Gordon L. Pevear, Joyce Nownes, Eleanor L. Moulton, Herman N. Lane, Carolyn A. Kuchtey, Miss Pauline Whitney (teacher), Anna M. Northway and Karlene M. Young.

Photo courtesy of Arthur Moody

HAMPTON -- The Atlantic News on May 7 ran a 1940-41 photo of students of Hampton Junior High School -- which was then two classrooms in the Centre School -- with toys they made for "Bundles for Britain" before the United States officially entered World War II.

This week we feature a May 1946 photo of Miss Pauline Whitney's fifth grade at Centre School with its "Treasure Chest" of "Books for Holland."

After World War II, Europe was devastated. Miss Whitney, a great lover of books, helped her class raise funds and buy books for children in the Netherlands. The book store was in the colonial house [current location of Tobey & Merrill insurance, 20 High St.] opposite the present [1991] Annie's Book Stop on High Street.

Among the books headed to Holland were: "Animals of the Bible," "The Biggest Bear on Earth," "This way to Christmas," "A Picture Dictionary for Children," "Prayer for a Child," "Daniel Boone," "Heidi," "Under the Tent and Sky," "Make Way for Ducklings," "Picture Tales from Spain," "The Adventures of Pinocchio," "Spunky," "The Story of a Shetland Pony," "Ox Team Miracle." "Mittens," "Pelle's New Suit," "Millions of Cats," "Up the Hill," "The Gulf Stream," "The Pup, Himself," "Andersen's Fairy Tales", "The Long Christmas", "'Twas the Night Before Christmas", "Steppin and Family" and "Ben Franklin".

In an attempt to more fully document Hampton's history, the Atlantic News will publish a continuing series of pictures whose whole history is not known. Readers are urged to help in the identification by offering any information that can add to what is known.

Readers around the Seacoast are invited to share their historic photographs with the Atlantic News for use in this column.

This photo also appeared on page 10 of the March 5, 1975 Hampton Union.
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