History of Hampton Academy and High School

1947 Hampton Academy Yearbook Cover

General History of the Academy

Hampton Academy & Winnacunnet High School Alumni Association 65th Anniversary Historic Souvenir booklet
A comprehensive history written in 1972 by Arthur Moody.
Hampton Academy History
A brief history of Hampton Academy written
in January 1930 by Caroline (Lamprey) Shea
History of Hampton Academy
A brief history written in 1938 by Bruce E. Russell.
Hampton Academy and High School
by Joseph Dow from his "History of Hampton"
The Hampton Academy Alumni Association History
By Priscilla Hoyt Triggs-Weeks, June 16, 2007

Information on Specific Graduating Classes

Members of Graduation Classes
Hampton Academy & High School, 1887 - 1958
The class of 1900
An article from the Hampton Union of June 18, 1959
Hampton Academy Memories of Pauline Alice Garland
September 8, 1914 to June 19, 1918
Class of 1946
Tri-Hi-Y Club Photo
60th reunion celebrated in 2006
Class of 1947 Yearbook
H.A.& H.S. Class of 1947 In Retrospect
Class of 1949
Senior Cognomens, Class of 1952

Miscellaneous Historical Information

The Shaw and Moulton cases
A Record of the Doings of the Trustees of the Hampton Proprietary School in the case of Simeon Brackett Shaw, Simon Moulton & Jacob Moulton, students at Hampton Proprietary School, December 13-19, 1815. Transcription of an original document.
Academia, January 1899 (PDF)
Student newsletter of the Hampton Academy
Hampton Academy Song Book -- 1919
The Hampton Academy Trumpet, vol. III, No. 6, 1928
The Hampton Academy Trumpet, vol. III, No. 8, 1928
Dedication Exercises of Hampton Academy and High School, June 8, 1940
Hampton Academy & High School Band, Ca. 1946-47
Band photo

The Academy Bell

Who Tolls For The Bells?
Some history and photos of the Academy Bell
The Hampton Union & Rockingham County Gazette , January 9, 1958
Recalls Day When Bell Did Not Toll
The Academy's former janitor reminisces about the Academy bell
and other local matters in this 1958 letter to the editor.
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Atlantic News , June 17, 2005
HAJH Bell Rings Again
Atlantic News , July 1, 2005
Ring In The New School Year
Atlantic News , August 25, 2006

News Stories

Academy No Longer a 'Middle school'
Hampton Union , August 12, 2011
A Gift From The Class of 1949
21 Voices / The Recreation Guide , November 1999
Hampton Academy, East End Schoolhouse are sold at auction
Hamptons Union, July 18, 1940

Teachers and Staff

Town Honors Former Hampton Academy Coach
Atlantic News , July 4, 2002
Athletic Fields Dedicated to John G. Peterson 32 Years After His Retirement
Sunday Herald , June 30, 2002
Peterson Field Photographs
Hampton Academy Junior High School. Courtesy photos by Harold E. Fernald, Jr., June 29, 2002
Obituary of John G. Peterson
June 12, 1908 -- December 15, 1988
Petersons' Feted, Acclaimed During Double Testimonial
Hampton Union , June 10, 1970


The 1940 Hampton Academy & High School Football Team
Atlantic News , May 8, 1990
The 1941 Hampton Academy & High School Football Team
Identification by Wayne Elliot, Dick Chevalier, Earl Blatchford & Norm Merrill.
Photo courtesy Arthur Moody
The 1946 Hampton Academy & High School Football Team
Coached by John G. Peterson
[Photo courtesy Lois (Allen) Page]
The 1952 Hampton Academy & High Shool Football Team
Coached by John G. Peterson
[Photo courtesy Clayton Bragg; Photo captions courtesy Loring G. Mills.]
This Week in Sports
Four part column by Wayne I. Elliot in the Hampton Union in 1964
detailing the history of some of the Academy's old sports trophies.

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