Class of 1949

Class of 1949

Hampton Academy Class of 1949

Class of 1949

Photo, starting left:
1st row:
1. Josephine Bowley, 2. Bob Luther, 3. Gwen Spear, 4. Earl Midgley, 5. Judy Haven, 6. Barbara Enos, 7. William Myers.

2nd row:
1. Jo-Ann Pelkey, 2. Dorcas Smith, 3. Gwen Paul, 4. Frank Moody, 5. Homer Johnson, 6. Connie Gagne, 7. Paul Lessard.

3rd row:
1. Warren Cann, 2. Paul Trueman, 3. Elizabeth Rollins, 4. Donald Muzeroll, 5. John Marston, 6. Roman Aquizap, 7. Carol Brown.

4th row:
1. Jean Holland, 2. Donald Walker, 3. Robert Scruton, 4. Tom Watson, 5. Priscilla Hoyt, 6. Eldridge Lindsey, 7. Marilyn Hanscom, 8. Mary Williams.

{Additional information from Gwen (Paul) Aubrey as follows: "This was the last period of the day in our Senior homeroom - Mrs. (Helen) Brown was our homeroom teacher, but this was Sociology and Mr. Flavin was the teacher (I'm sure everybody remembers 'Pinky'). The eight people missing were the ones who took Science with Mr. (Bruce) Russell. The girl sitting in the first seat of Row 4 is Jean Holland, the only person I haven't been able to locate.}"

{Photo by "Pinky" Flavin, "shutterbug" and courtesy Col. Paul Lessard, Class of 1949, Hampton Academy & High School.}