Seal of Approval: Fifth-grader's Design New Logo of SAU90

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By Patrick Cronin

Hampton Union, Friday, March 25, 2011

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union and Seacoast Online.]

Marston Elementary School fifth-grader Michaela Maloney shows off her design for the new SAU 90 logo after its unveiling at the Hampton School Board meeting Wednesday night.
[Ioanna Raptis Courtesy Photo]

HAMPTON -- Marston Elementary fifth-grader Michaela Maloney is now a part of the local history books, as her design was selected this week to be the new logo and seal of the Hampton School District when it officially withdraws from SAU 21 and becomes SAU 90 in July.

The 11-year-old's design of a sailboat made out of pencils was selected by the Hampton School Board Wednesday out of several entries from finalists who first competed in the student contest back in November.

"We had some excellent art and it was a difficulty choice," said Hampton School Board Chairman Rosemary Lamers, who unveiled Michaela's design and presented her with a certificate of appreciation during the board's regularly scheduled meeting.

Michaela said she was thrilled her design was selected and will be the new symbol for SAU 90.

"I'm very excited," Michaela said.

Michaela said it took about three days to design and draw the logo.

"I thought of the design because I was thinking of something that could tie together both that we live by the sea and that we have a great school system," Michaela said.

Her design features a sailboat made out of a book and pencils with the ocean in the background.

"I think it's spectacular," said her mother Joan Maloney. "I'm very proud of her and she put a lot of effort and thought to it."

Marston Principal Lois Costa called Michaela a talented fifth-grader at the school.

"We are going to have this beautiful piece of artwork hanging in our school and in the new SAU," Costa said.

Students in all three school buildings in Hampton were encouraged to participate in the contest. The contest idea came about last summer when school officials sent out a survey to all eighth-graders.

"We had no logo for the Hampton (District) and were scrambling to come up with something to show this was coming from the school district," said Lamers earlier this month. "Then it jogged my thinking that this is something we need to join us and bind as we become SAU 90."

Lamers said the contest was a success, with many quality entries.

"I think it's great that students were a part of this historic moment as we become SAU 90," Lamers said.

Hampton voted to withdraw last year from SAU 21 — which consists of Hampton, North Hampton, Seabrook, Hampton Falls and South Hampton — and establish its own SAU.

11-year-old Michaela Maloney, center, presents her design for the new SAU 90 logo with the Hampton School Board Wednesday evening. From left, Art Gopalan, Ginny Bridle-Russell, Lois Costa, Rosemary Lamers, Peppa Ring, and Maureen O'Leary.
[Ioanna Raptis courtesy photo]
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