Official Souvenir Parade Program: Acknowledgements

Sunday, September 11, 1988

at one o'clock in the afternoon

at North Beach at Winnacunnet Road

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We wish to thank the many people whose help and support over the past three years made this parade possible. The Parade Committee made over 3,000 phone calls and sent out more than 2,000 pieces of correspondence, so a strong possibility exists that we may have inadvertently overlooked someone who helped us. If we did, please accept our apologies, but you know who you are and how grateful we are for your help! We would like to thank:
Our advertisers -- without them this program would not have been possible.
Please patronize them!
The Hampton Board of Selectmen -- for their support & confidence
George Jones -- Commissioner, N.H.D.R.E.D.
Raymond LaChance -- Supervisor, N.H. Division of Parks
Richard McLeod -- Seacoast Regional Manager, Division of Parks
Hon. Robert Preston -- N.H. Senate District 23
Hon. Warren Rudman -- United States Senate, N.H.
Senator Rudman’s Staff -- both Washington & N.H. offices
Glyn Eastman -- Chairman, Hampton Board of Selectmen
Robert Mark -- Police Chief, Hampton, N.H.
Dennis Pelletier -- Deputy Police Chief, Hampton, N.H.
William Sullivan -- Fire Chief, Hampton, N.H.
Tony Choinard -- Deputy Fire Chief, Hampton, N.H.
John Hangen -- Director D.P.W., Hampton, N.H.
Jack Furbush -- D.P.W., Hampton
David Fay -- for all his help & support
Hon. Richard Gephardt -- U.S. Congress, Missouri
Mel Clamp & his communications group -- for a real professional job
Colonel J. Simione -- Commander 157th AREGP/DCS, N.H. Air Nat. Guard
Lt. Col. Roy Callihan -- 157th AREGP/DCS, N.H. Air Nat. Guard
Bruce Barnaby -- Hampton Motor Company, for the use of his equipment
William "Beau" Wilson -- 350th Anniv. Committee, for his strong support
Seabrook Bank & Trust -- for the complimentary use of their meeting rooms
Lamie’s Tavern -- for complimentary use of their meeting rooms
Gary Sredzienski -- WUNH/FM
Colonel George L. Iverson Commander, N.H. State Police
Thomas Groppel -- Dir. Ceremonies & Special Events, Hdqts. U.S. Army, Military Dist. Wash., D.C
Maj. Gen. Donald C. Hilbert -- Commanding General, Military District Washington, D.C.
Jack Dion & his crew -- Dion Construction for their many complimentary tasks
Ralph Schaake & Mike D’Agostino -- for their liaison work with the U.S.A.F.
Paul Lessard- Colonel U.S.M.C., Ret. -- for his liaison work with the U.S.M.C.
Phil Richards -- Town Manager, Hampton, N.H.
Carolyn Brewster -- Secretary, Hampton Town Manager
Norman MeNemey -- for all the professional quality maps & artwork
Major Brent W. Jones -- Office of Aviation Support -- The Pentagon, Wash, D.C.
Glen French- President, Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce Members -- who helped in many ways
Parade Committee Members: John Palladino, Jim Kennedy, Frank Willette, Tom Whelan -- their telephone activity must have sent AT&T stock up five points
Sam Patterson -- for the equipment & supplies
Jack Daly -- Seacoast Scene -- for all his advice & help
Peter Janetos -- for his liaison work with the Govenor’s office
Yankee Printers -- Hampton, N.H.
Mike Small- for his advice
Bob Tiffany -- sound system at the reviewing stand
Lee DiGiovanni -- for all her help and advice
Fred Schaake -- for use of his office staff and the Casino parking lot

The Continental Color Guard
The Continental Color Guard

With a heritage tracing back to the early days of our nation, the
Continental Color Guard is a 3rd Infantry tradition. The five men
unit is comprised of two armed Guards and three color ensigns, who
carry the National Color, the U.S. Army Color, and the Color of
their parent unit, the 3rd U.S. Infantry, The Old Guard.

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