Miss Hampton Beach Pageant 50th Anniversary Program - Chapter 6

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1946 - 1995

Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Monday, July 31, 1995

The "People's Choice" Award

New this year, the Miss Hampton Beach Pageant joined forces with the Fox Run Mall of Newington, New Hampshire to create a new and exciting aspect of the pageant .... The "People's Choice" Award. Suzanne Bresette of Bresette and Co., whose advertising agency represents the Casino Ballroom and the Fox Run Mall initiated the concept during a "brainstorming" session at the Hampton Beach Area Chamber of Commerece and the "People's Choice" was created. On Wednesday, July 19th, [1995] at 6:30 p.m. all the contestants board a bus and head for the Mall (every young woman loves to head for the mall!). They wore an outfit of their own choice, did a quick runway walk to lively music and were interviewed by Ami Heart, radio personality from WERZ. Three judges were selected at random from the audience, joining two other judges representing Fox Run Mall and the crowd cheered on their favorite. It was a tremendous experience for tonight's contestants .... and an incredible opportunity for the "People's Choice". The recipient of the award tonight will receive an interview and screen test from Robert Knowles, talent scout for the popular television shows, Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place. Additional prizes for the winner and runners up of People's Choice will include mall gift certificates and every contestant received a Fox Run Mall Fun Pack.
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