Miss Hampton Beach Pageant 50th Anniversary Program - Chapter 3

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1946 - 2008

Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
Monday, July 31, 1995

The following is a list of past Miss Hampton Beach Pageant winners along with a little trivia about each year which may jog your memory (up to 1982).
1946 - Marilan Eaton - Durham, NH

World War II is finally ended and everyone is singing "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah". Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton are born and Assault wins the Triple Crown.

1947 - Lois Yell - Hampton Beach, NH

Babe Didrickson is the first U.S. woman to win the British Open. Dan Quayle and Nolan Ryan are born and Chuck Yeager breaks the Sonic Barrier.

1948 - Lorraine Doucette - Amesbury, MA

Maurice and Richard McDonald of Bedford, NH introduce their hamburgers in Los Angeles. (Yes! ThatMcDonald's!) and you can buy a new cadillac for $2,833.00.

1949 - Caryle Cadario - Arlington, MA

Joe DiMaggio becomes the highest paid baseball player at $90,000 a year. Prince Ranier is crowned the 30th Monarch of Monaco and Frank Sinatra is singing "New York, New York."

1950 - Sally Atkinson - Ipswich, MA

Color T.V. becomes available - Ted Williams signs for $125,000 and Nat King Cole is singing "Mona Lisa".

1951 - Sonya-Bunty Romer - Montreal, Quebec

Electricity is produced from the first U.S. nuclear power station. Mel Gibson and Crystal Gayle are born and the "African Queen" is a big hit.

1952 - Gaynor Jenkins - Montreal, Quebec

Elizabeth II becomes Queen of England - the first artificial heart is used on a human and Rodney Marciano knocks out Jersey Joe Walcott to become the heavyweight champion.

1953 - Joan Ahearn - Lowell, MA

J.F.K. and Jacqueline Bouvier are married. The Boston Braves moves to Milwaukee and everyone want to know "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window."

1954 - Priscilla McNally - Haverhill, MA

Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe. Oprah Winfrey is born and Bill Haley's rockin' and rollin' with "Rock Around The Clock."

1955 - Barbara Ann Curran - Waltham, MA

All the kids are wearing "Davy Crockett" coonskin hats - and starting to watch "The Mickey Mouse Show" or playing "Scrabble" for the first time.

1956 - Cynthia Fuller - Brighton, MA

54 million people watch Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show, Grace Kelly marries the Prince of Monaco and Martina Navritilova is born.

1957 - Sally Ann Freedman - Peabody, MA

Ford introduces the Edsel, the Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Giants move to L.A. "West Side Story" is a hit on Broadway.

1958 - Carolyn Ann Komant - Kittery, ME

Elvis is drafted. Gallup Poll shows Eleanor Roosevelt the most admired woman in the U. S. and Michael Jackson is born.

1959 - Dianne Lipson - Cranston, RI

Alaska becomes the 49th State, Hawaii makes it 50, John McEnroe and the Hula Hoop are born.

1960 - Diane Jesek - Dracut, MA

The mini-skirt revolutionizes ladies fashion, Kennedy/Nixon stage first presidential debate and "Psycho" is the hot ticket at the movies.

1961 - Sandie Kay - Plaistow, NH

The Berlin Wall is built. Minimum wage is $1.15 and Roger Maris breaks Babe Ruth's record hitting 61 homers.

1962 - Johnye McLeod - HAMPTON, NH

John Glenn is the first American to orbit the Earth. Sandy Koufax pitches a no-hitter against the Mets and the Beatles are rejected by Decca Record and told they'll never make it.

1964 - Sheila Theresa Scott - North Hampton, NH

Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) becomes the World Heavyweight Champ, the Ford Mustang has a $2368.00 price tag and the Beatles sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

1965 - Judy Reynolds -Manchester, NH

Skateboards become popular, the "Fab Four" start the World Tour. "A Hard Days Night" - "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "King of the Road" are all jukebox hits.

1966 - Marylee House - Seabrook Beach, NH

The "Hippie" movement gains momentum, Jack Nicklaus is the first to win two consecutive Masters titles and the minimum wage is raised to $1.60.

1967 - Sally Ann Gaines - Durham, NH

The first microwave is introduced, Mickey Mantle hits his 500th home run, and Dustin Hoffman is advised to get into "plastics" in the "Graduate."

1968 - Gretchen Wood - West Newbury, MA

Apollo 8 team becomes the first to orbit the moon - Billie Jean King wins her third Wimbledon title and Placido Domingo debuts at the Met.

1969 - Eileen O'Connor - Lynnfield, MA

Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon, 200,000+ arrive for Woodstock and Joe Namath beats the spread defeating the Colts in the Super Bowl.

1970 - Janice Francis Janes - Lynn, MA

The Beatles break-up (oh-no!), the First celebration of Earth Day is held and M*A*S*H is a hit on TV.

1971 - Jane Fiorentini - Bradford, MA

The "Microchip" is introduced - Disney World opens in Florida and London Bridge opens in the middle of the Arizona desert.

1972 - Peggy Ann Jacobson - Simsbury, CT

The median U.S. income is $10,285.00. The big movies are the "Godfather", "Cabaret", "Klute" and the "French Connection."

1973 - Pamela Chaffee - Epping, NH

OPEC doubles the price of oil creating major fuel shortages, the American league allows the designated hitter and Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" is a hit.

1974 - Temple Bruner - Groton, MA

The "condo" alters housing styles. Evil Kinevel foils in his attempt to cross 1600 ft. canyon and Eric Clapton sings "I Shot The Sheriff".

1975 - Mara Joan Zemke - Greenfield, MA

The Supreme Court rules that states may allow spanking in school. Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King win at Wimbledon and Doobie Brothers have a hit with "Black Water".

1976 - Debra S. Maurice - Springfield, MA

The U. S. celebrates its 200th Birthday - Basketball's A.B.A. & N.B.A. merge and Sylvester Stallone stars in "Rocky".

1977 - Tara Donnelly - North Andover, MA
1978 - Kim Fontaine - Chelmsford, MA

Coca Cola begins selling in China - Affirmed wins the Triple Crown and the Bee Gee's are "Stayin' Alive".

1979 - Louise McDevitt - Tewksbury, MA

CD's are introduced, Britain ends production of M.G.'s and Billy Carter, the President's brother, vows to never drink again.

1980 - Kathy Rogers - Seabrook, NH

John Lennon is slain in New York, Yankees sign Dave Winfield for $25 million and Robert Dinero stars in "Raging Bull".

1981 - Diane McGardy - [town not given]

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are married as 750 million watch on TV, Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn receive Oscars for "On Golden Pond".

1982 - Debbie Peltonovich - Newton, NH

Columbia College, the last all male college, goes co-ed. The Vietnam Memorial is dedicated in Washington, DC.

[We conclude our trivia here, but continue our Pageant Winners below]
1983 - Caron Caetano - Burlington, NH
1984 - Adriana Molinari - Hampton, NH
1985 - Mary-Ann Montagano - Hampton, NH
1986 - Darla Beth Jelly - Manchester, NH
1987 - Heather Lee Chowlea - Exeter, NH
1988 - Lisa Parnpichate - Keene, NH
1989 - Sabrina Dennison - Portsmouth, NH
1990 - Sabrina Dennison - Portsmouth, NH
1991 - Mari Beth Brown - Holliston, MA
1992 - Jennifer DiDomenico - Hampton Falls, NH
1993 - Julene Britt - Woburn, MA
1994 - Lori Greene - Boston, MA
1995 - Stephanie Lussier - Manchester, NH
1996 - [Cancelled]
1997 - Julie Russell, Woburn, MA
1998 - Shanna Jones, RI
1999 - Shauna Clark, Plaistow, NH
2000 - Meredith Barnett, Londonderry, NH
2001 - Katie Widen, Rye, NH
2002 - Breanne Silvi, Nashua, NH
2003 - Theresa Black, MA
2004 - Melissa Theriealt, Manchester, NH
2005 - Alexandria Harrington, Saugus, MA
2006 - Allison Blais, NH
2007 - Leah Grondin, Hampton, NH
2008 - Lacy Jane Folger, Farmington, NH
{Names of Pageant winners from 1995 through 2008
courtesy of Ms. Stephanie Lussier
and the Hampton Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.}
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