Miss Hampton Beach Pageant Winners

1946 - 2012

Courtesy 50th Anniversary Program

{Names of Pageant winners from 1995 through 2008 courtesy of Ms. Stephanie Lussier
and the Hampton Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.}

The following is a list of past Miss Hampton Beach Pageant winners along with a little trivia about each year which may jog your memory (up to 1982).

1946 - Marilan Eaton - Durham, NH
World War II is finally ended and everyone is singing "Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah". Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton are born and Assault wins the Triple Crown.

1947 - Lois Yell - Hampton Beach, NH
Babe Didrickson is the first U.S. woman to win the British Open. Dan Quayle and Nolan Ryan are born and Chuck Yeager breaks the Sonic Barrier.

1948 - Lorraine Doucette - Amesbury, MA
Maurice and Richard McDonald of Bedford, NH introduce their hamburgers in Los Angeles. (Yes! That McDonald's!) and you can buy a new cadillac for $2,833.00.

1949 - Caryle Cadario - Arlington, MA
Joe DiMaggio becomes the highest paid baseball player at $90,000 a year. Prince Ranier is crowned the 30th Monarch of Monaco and Frank Sinatra is singing "New York, New York."

1950 - Sally Atkinson - Ipswich, MA
Color T.V. becomes available - Ted Williams signs for $125,000 and Nat King Cole is singing "Mona Lisa".

1951 - Sonya-Bunty Romer - Montreal, Quebec
Electricity is produced from the first U.S. nuclear power station. Mel Gibson and Crystal Gayle are born and the "African Queen" is a big hit.

1952 - Gaynor Jenkins - Montreal, Quebec
Elizabeth II becomes Queen of England - the first artificial heart is used on a human and Rodney Marciano knocks out Jersey Joe Walcott to become the heavyweight champion.

1953 - Joan Ahearn - Lowell, MA
J.F.K. and Jacqueline Bouvier are married. The Boston Braves moves to Milwaukee and everyone want to know "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window."

1954 - Priscilla McNally - Haverhill, MA
Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe. Oprah Winfrey is born and Bill Haley's rockin' and rollin' with "Rock Around The Clock."

1955 - Barbara Ann Curran - Waltham, MA
All the kids are wearing "Davy Crockett" coonskin hats - and starting to watch "The Mickey Mouse Show" or playing "Scrabble" for the first time.

1956 - Cynthia Fuller - Brighton, MA
54 million people watch Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show, Grace Kelly marries the Prince of Monaco and Martina Navritilova is born.

1957 - Sally Ann Freedman - Peabody, MA
Ford introduces the Edsel, the Brooklyn Dodgers & New York Giants move to L.A. "West Side Story" is a hit on Broadway.

1958 - Carolyn Ann Komant - Kittery, ME
Elvis is drafted. Gallup Poll shows Eleanor Roosevelt the most admired woman in the U. S. and Michael Jackson is born.

1959 - Dianne Lipson - Cranston, RI
Alaska becomes the 49th State, Hawaii makes it 50, John McEnroe and the Hula Hoop are born.

1960 - Diane Jesek - Dracut, MA
The mini-skirt revolutionizes ladies fashion, Kennedy/Nixon stage first presidential debate and "Psycho" is the hot ticket at the movies.

1961 - Sandie Kay - Plaistow, NH
The Berlin Wall is built. Minimum wage is $1.15 and Roger Maris breaks Babe Ruth's record hitting 61 homers.

1962 - Johnye McLeod - HAMPTON, NH
John Glenn is the first American to orbit the Earth. Sandy Koufax pitches a no-hitter against the Mets and the Beatles are rejected by Decca Record and told they'll never make it.

1964 - Sheila Theresa Scott - North Hampton, NH
Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) becomes the World Heavyweight Champ, the Ford Mustang has a $2368.00 price tag and the Beatles sing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

1965 - Judy Reynolds -Manchester, NH
Skateboards become popular, the "Fab Four" start the World Tour. "A Hard Days Night" - "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "King of the Road" are all jukebox hits.

1966 - Marylee House - Seabrook Beach, NH
The "Hippie" movement gains momentum, Jack Nicklaus is the first to win two consecutive Masters titles and the minimum wage is raised to $1.60.

1967 - Sally Ann Gaines - Durham, NH
The first microwave is introduced, Mickey Mantle hits his 500th home run, and Dustin Hoffman is advised to get into "plastics" in the "Graduate."

1968 - Gretchen Wood - West Newbury, MA
Apollo 8 team becomes the first to orbit the moon - Billie Jean King wins her third Wimbledon title and Placido Domingo debuts at the Met.

1969 - Eileen O'Connor - Lynnfield, MA
Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on the moon, 200,000+ arrive for Woodstock and Joe Namath beats the spread defeating the Colts in the Super Bowl.

1970 - Janice Francis Janes - Lynn, MA
The Beatles break-up (oh-no!), the First celebration of Earth Day is held and M*A*S*H is a hit on TV.

1971 - Jane Fiorentini - Bradford, MA
The "Microchip" is introduced - Disney World opens in Florida and London Bridge opens in the middle of the Arizona desert.

1972 - Peggy Ann Jacobson - Simsbury, CT
The median U.S. income is $10,285.00. The big movies are the "Godfather", "Cabaret", "Klute" and the "French Connection."

1973 - Pamela Chaffee - Epping, NH
OPEC doubles the price of oil creating major fuel shortages, the American league allows the designated hitter and Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" is a hit.

1974 - Temple Bruner - Groton, MA
The "condo" alters housing styles. Evil Kinevel foils in his attempt to cross 1600 ft. canyon and Eric Clapton sings "I Shot The Sheriff".

1975 - Mara Joan Zemke - Greenfield, MA
The Supreme Court rules that states may allow spanking in school. Arthur Ashe and Billie Jean King win at Wimbledon and Doobie Brothers have a hit with "Black Water".

1976 - Debra S. Maurice - Springfield, MA
The U. S. celebrates its 200th Birthday - Basketball's A.B.A. & N.B.A. merge and Sylvester Stallone stars in "Rocky".

1977 - Tara Donnelly - North Andover, MA

1978 - Kim Fontaine - Chelmsford, MA
Coca Cola begins selling in China - Affirmed wins the Triple Crown and the Bee Gee's are "Stayin' Alive".

1979 - Louise McDevitt - Tewksbury, MA
CD's are introduced, Britain ends production of M.G.'s and Billy Carter, the President's brother, vows to never drink again.

1980 - Kathy Rogers - Seabrook, NH
John Lennon is slain in New York, Yankees sign Dave Winfield for $25 million and Robert Dinero stars in "Raging Bull".

1981 - Diane McGardy - [town not given]
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are married as 750 million watch on TV, Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn receive Oscars for "On Golden Pond".

1982 - Debbie Peltonovitch - Newton, NH
Columbia College, the last all male college, goes co-ed. The Vietnam Memorial is dedicated in Washington, DC.

[We conclude our trivia here, but continue our Pageant Winners below]

1983 - Caron Caetano - Burlington, NH
1984 - Adriana Molinari - Hampton, NH
1985 - Mary-Ann Montagano - Hampton, NH
1986 - Darla Beth Jelly - Manchester, NH
1987 - Heather Lee Chowlea - Exeter, NH
1988 - Lisa Parnpichate - Keene, NH
1989 - Sabrina Dennison - Portsmouth, NH
1990 - Sabrina Dennison - Portsmouth, NH
1991 - Mari Beth Brown - Holliston, MA
1992 - Jennifer DiDomenico - Hampton Falls, NH
1993 - Julene Britt - Woburn, MA
1994 - Lori Greene - Boston, MA
1995 - Stephanie Lussier - Manchester, NH
1996 - [Cancelled]
1997 - Julie Russell, Woburn, MA
1998 - Shanna Jones, RI
1999 - Shauna Clark, Plaistow, NH
2000 - Meredith Barnett, Londonderry, NH
2001 - Katie Widen, Rye, NH
2002 - Breanne Silvi, Nashua, NH
2003 - Theresa Black, MA
2004 - Melissa Theriealt, Manchester, NH
2005 - Alexandria Harrington, Saugus, MA
2006 - Allison Blais, NH
2007 - Leah Grondin, Hampton, NH
2008 - Lacy Jane Folger, Farmington, NH
2009 - Kristin Crossland, Seabrook, NH
2010 - Megan Colley, Auburn, NH
2011 - Kayla Layton, Bedford, NH
2012 - Christina Del Rosso, Haverhill, MA

{Names of Pageant winners from 1995 through 2008 courtesy of Ms. Stephanie Lussier
and the Hampton Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.
Names of Pageant winners from 2009 through 2011, courtesy of John M. Holman,
Hampton History Volunteer, Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH.}