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Graves & Ramsdell System

A Booklet Published 1912

Hampton Beach Casino


The success of Graves and Ramsdell, since assuming the management of the Hampton Beach Casino, Ocean House and Cottages, the famous Canobie Lake Park, Cape Cottage Casino, Pine Island Park and Highland Park, several seasons ago, has been so constant and gratifying that it would be pertinent to refer to it in issuing this booklet.

The idea of good service with courteous assistants, has always been their steady aim and results have more than justified their convictions.

The Oval at Rear of Casino.


Dining Service - Our menus are tastefully arranged and attractively served and are replete with all the seasonable delicacies. A specialty at each of the resorts will be a Chicken Dinner, served hot. Vacationists will find the chicken, lobster or steak dinners served at these resorts the best obtainable.

Band Stand in Front of Casino


New Hampshire's Leading Ocean Resort

Because of its accessibility, it is a favorite retreat for the business man and his family, and an attractive summer resort of unrivalled popularity. One who chooses Hampton Beach for their summer rendezvous, has indeed, united the seashore and country in one.

Bathing, which may be enjoyed directly in front of the Casino, is nowhere to be excelled, and is entirely free from undertow.

The Casino is an attraction in itself -- spacious verandas which afford a sweeping view of the ocean. Band Concerts rendered every afternoon and evening. An equipped theatre second to none, where musical comedy and high-class vaudeville are presented with change of program weekly.

Attractions-Dancing, Motion Pictures, Penny Arcade, Oriental Tea Rooms, Bowling, Billard and Pool Parlor, Japanese Rolling Tables, Ping Pong, Sliding Board for the children. Thousands of free seats to enjoy the festivities. At the rear of the Casino is a finely laid out oval, where baseball and field sports are run off.

Many pleasant car rides may be enjoyed along the New Hampshire coast; the ocean is continually in view and the cool sea breezes sweeping from off the water, make the ride on a summer day most delightful.

The mile long bridge, is only a few minutes' walk to the south of the Casino, Ocean House, and cottages, and from this bridge deep sea fishing is at its best -- flounders, cod, pollock and other salt water fish, are caught without being obliged to go outside in a boat. To those who prefer offshore fishing, a large motor boat is owned by Messrs. Graves & Ramsdell, and a competent skipper is employed to take out parties.

Hampton Beach is 46 miles from Boston, with a good boulevard road for automobiles all the distance and there i s a good garage at rear of the Casino.

Ocean House, Hampton Beach

Nicely furnished cottages to let, ranging from $175 to $300 for the season. OCEAN HOUSE, F. E. NASON, Manager.

The Ocean House, named for its exquisite ocean front, accomodates 200 guests. Its unique location ranks it as one of the most desirable summer resorts along the Atlantic coast, being a thoroughly modern hotel within a stone's throw of the enticing surf; and being only a short distance from the Casino, with its great variety of amusements, the Ocean House offers many advantages not found elsewhere. The dining room is conducted on the European plan and the table is unexcelled.
Surf Scene at Hampton Beach


General R. E. Graves and Charles J. Ramsdell, the lessees, have been many years, building up their extensive system of hotels and restaurants. Both are men of long experience in catering, and they thoroughly understand the ways and needs of the public. As a restaurateur, General Graves, especially, is famed the country through, from Maine to California, as the founder of the railroad restaurant, and was the proprietor of the Rockingham Junction railroad restaurant. Mr. Ramsdell, has been manager of the Oceanic and Appledore Hotels, and has been connected with some of the largest hotels, in Florida and the Bermudas.

For managers, stewards and chefs they aim to secure the best, and only men of skilled reputation, can be found in any of their departments.

For booklets and further information, address R. E. Graves, Newmarket, N.H., until June 1st. Later, address each manager at his respective hotel or restaurant.

At each of these resorts, a specialty is made of banqueting or catering to automobile and private parties.

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