Hampton Beach Water Ski Club

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Johnny Ray Proves Popular Beach Visitor

The Beachcomber, Wednesday, July 27, 1955


[Incorporating The Hampton Beach Advocate]
Hampton Beach Water Ski Club Photo above: Water skiing has its rabid enthusiasts at Hampton Beach, not the least of whom is the popular singing star, Johnny Ray, who tried his luck on the slats while stopping at the Hotel Allen during his recent engagement at the Frolics in Salisbury (Beach).

Shown with Johnny on this week's cover of The Beachcomber are, left to right, Linda Reponen; Jane Worden, North Hampton; Pat Wainwright; Gerry Mahar, Hampton; Judy Collins; Gail Cunningham, Hampton. Seated in front are Wanda Toppan and Deane Robinson of Hampton with the club's mascot, "Gizmo."

The local water ski enthusiasts were snapped with Johnny Ray by Kirby Higgins of the Colt Photo Service following a practice session which included jumping with not too much success for the visiting celebrity.

Departing from the usual custom of well-known stage and screen personalities who often play a hide and seek game with their fans, Johnnie Ray in his recent stay at Hampton Beach was a refreshing change with his open friendliness.

In addition to his nightly stint at "The Frolics" in Salisbury, he found time during his brief sojourn to work out with members of the Hampton Water Ski Club, bicycle the length of the beach and still go in for occasional swims, all without any undue commotion or ballyhoo.

One incident which serves to illustrate Mr. Ray's amiabale nature and complete accessibility to his fans occurred at the corner of A street and Ocean Blvd., Monday afternoon. An unidentified teenager, catching sight of the crooner who was temporarily stopped from his bicycling tour of the beach by traffic congestion, hustled up to him and politely requested his autograph. He smilingly consented but demanded the reciprocal favor of a kiss. When his young admirer became visibly embarrassed, the singer agreeably withdrew the stipulation, much to many onlookers' amusement. Last seen Johnnie was pedaling down the boulevard, while his blushing fan made off rapidly in the other direction holding tightly to her cherished autograph.

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