Monday Club Holds Guest Night

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Hampton Union, c. 1957-58

OFFICER AND GUESTS at the annual guest night of the Hampton Monday Club held Monday evening at the Marston School included, left to right, Mrs. Carl Lougee, 2nd vice president; Mrs. Harry Zitrick, 1st vice president; Mrs. Edith Warren, who gave the invocation; Mrs. Robert Simons, president; Reverend Hilda L. Ives, Portland, Maine, guest speaker; Mrs. Guy Amburg, program chairman, and Miss Madeline Meredith, guest pianist. [Staff Photo]

A chicken pie catered dinner was served to nearly 100 Monday Club members and guests Monday evening at the new Adeline C. Marston School.

President Mrs. Robert Simons welcomed all members and guests followed by invocation by Mrs. Edgar Warren.

Following the dinner the group retired to the auditorium where program chairman, Mrs. Guy Amburg introduced Miss Madeline Meredith who rendered two piano solos. This was followed by an inspiring message from the guest speaker of the evening, Rev. Hilda Ives of Portland, Maine, whose wonderful sense of humor delighted all. She stressed that parents should give more loving care, personal attention and time to their children thereby greatly reducing juvenile delinquency.

Table decorations were in charge of Mrs. Carl Lougee and Mrs. Harry Zitrick was ticket chairman.

Next meeting is to be held at the home of Mrs. Wayne Bryer, Exeter Road on December 2. Coffee hour from 1:30 to 2:15, with Mrs. Marion Rudkin speaking on"Fact, Fiction and Fun".

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