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Hampton Union, July 14, 1982

[The following article is courtesy of the Hampton Union]

HAMPTON -- The New Hampshire Federation of Women's Clubs' summer executive board meeting was held on June 30 at the Alumni Center, Durham. A total of 12 members of the Hampton Monday Club will serve on that board. Pat Tilton will serve as state treasurer, Marianne Jewell will serve as library scholarship chairman, Phyllis Tucker as ESO chairman, Ann O'Loughlin as visual aids chairman and Peg Feeney as veterans volunteer service chairman.

Fran Harvey and Dorothy Hunter will be in charge of publicity and tickets; Grace Pevear, registration; Viola Gilman, resolutions; and Olive Ring will be the Portsmouth district ways and means chairman. Eleanor Dawson will serve as veterans affairs alternate.

The new administration president, Elie Janatos, has chosen as her project the New Hampshire Farm Museum in Milton. Louise Gee will head the president's project in the Portsmouth district.

Two speakers were featured at the morning session. James Barker Smith, formerly of Wentworth By The Sea, had as his topic "What Do Women Want?" Mr. Smith spoke on the fact that women want and need to be productive. Be it as paid employees or as volunteers, the productivity of women is a man factor in American living, he said.

Ben Weddle, president of the New Hampshire Farm Museum, gave a slide presentation of the museum, its history and its goals. The NHFWC throughout the state will actively work on this project for the next two years.

Lunch was at the New England Center. The afternoon session was taken up completely by the projected plans of the 1982-83 administration. The newly appointed chairmen of the various departments were given folders containing their assigned duties for the new planned activities. Reporting will now be done on a January 1 to December 31 basis, under the direction of Annis Murdock, first vice president and dean of departments.

Further instructions and plans for activities will be continued at the fall field meeting, which will be held in September at the Balsams Hotel in Dixville.

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