High Mileage: Hampton Walkers Celebrate a Decade Making Strides

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Atlantic News, Friday, August 9, 2001

[The following article is courtesy of Atlantic News]
THE ORIGINAL HAMPTON WALKERS -- After ten years and tens of thousands of miles, the Hampton Walkers are still going strong. Pictured, left to right front row: Francis Maranhas, Gerri Farrahar, Bert Haynes, Eleanor Stedfast, Joyce Houle; rear: Richard Leach, Maurice Brown, Agnes Brown, Elmer Stedfast. Missing from the picture are Raymond Sheehan and Sylvia Lord.
[Atlantic News Courtesy Photo]

HAMPTON -- Earlier this spring, the Hampton Walkers celebrated their 10-year anniversary. In that time, the active senior group has racked up an astounding total of 139,132 miles, with more added on as the weeks go by.

To commemorate this impressive event, Hampton Walkers Eleanor and Elmer Stedfast held a brunch at their summer home in Lebanon, Maine. Twenty-five Walkers attended the celebration, which was held on July 9.

Of the original 11 Walkers, nine were present at the event. Maurice Brown, Agnes Brown, Gerri Ferrahar, Alberta Haynes, Joyce Houle, Richard Leach, and Francis Maranhas joined the Stedfasts, although original members Sylvia Lord and Raymond Sheehan were absent from the proceedings.

Other Walkers present at the event were Eddie and Cathy Wakeen, Ann Marie Weston, Bert Haynes, Pauline Leach, Bob Towne, Bonnie Clarke, Margaret Dennett, Hermance Dupuis, Barbara Daly, Beth Seaverns, Betty Bodwell, Jean Dezarn, Bob Wilbur, Nancy Sawyer and David Sawyer.

The group now consists of 35 members, some of whom have racked upwards of 5000, 7000, and even 10,000 individual miles.

The Walkers meet for their exercise at 7:30 a.m. every day except on Sundays. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, they start at the parking lot behind the Hampton district courthouse and continue along an uptown route. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the parking lot across from Kennedy's Restaurant on High Street serves as their starting point prior to their beach walk.

In addition to their physical feats, the Hampton Walkers also perform community services, such as watering the flowers at a Hampton Beach location near the Ashworth Hotel.

For more information about the Hampton Walkers, contact the Hampton Recreation Department at 926-3932.

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