Photos from Hampton's Bicentennial Celebration 1976

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Hampton's Bicentennial Was a Year Long Celebration

(Photos Courtesy Bruce Stott, Christine Rand & Arthur J. Moody)

The Hampton Union, Wednesday, July 7, 1976

[The following article is courtesy of The Hampton Union and Seacoast Online]

THE TOWN'S OLDEST ROAD was finally recognized with an historic plaque and dedicated on October 18, 1975. The Hampton Bicentennial Committee sponsored the project and then turned the plaque over to the town.

RUSSELL MERRILL was the life of the party the night of the Bicentennial Ball on May 1, 1976. That's Bonnie Cote dancing a number with Mr. Merrill.

A COVERED WAGON belonging to the Leonard Woodmans of Hampton visited the town's schools in May to display the scrolls of dedication signed by the school children which were taken to Valley Forge on the Conestoga wagons.

BICENTENNIAL PARK site of the old Coast Guard Station at the east end of High Street, was readied by workmen the day before dedication of the plaque on June 13, 1975. That's Selectman James Fallon hanging onto his hat in the wind as he watches the workmen put the finishing touches on the monument.

HAMPTON BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE rode in style in Sunday's parade in John Steele's Beach Buggy. The committee received applause along the parade route fort their months of planning the successful Bicentennial celebration.

OOPS -- Hampton's parade was held up for a short while so an antique Seagraves fire engine belonging to the Hampton Permanent Fire Fighters Association could drink some water.

LOCAL ROTARIANS whipped up a delicious pancake breakfast Saturday morning as part of Hampton's Summerfest.

SKATEBOARDING COMPETITION held in Hampton Saturday as part of Summerfest and sponsored by the Ski Shed displayed all kinds of balancing acts. The N.H. Surfing and Skateboarding Organization acted as judges for the event.

THE WINNING FROG in Summerfest's Frog Jumping Contest is held by Howard Page. We're told Howard went down to Taylor River the day before and fished out the biggest frog he could find to enter into the contest.

HAMPTON'S BONFIRE, one of the first held here in many years, was a spectacular blaze. George Hardardt and his public works crew did a fantastic job stacking the 50 foot high pile of wood donated by local businesses. And on top? It doesn't show here but the town's infamous rescue boat was burned in effigy. About a thousand persons turned out for the bonfire which was the climax of Hampton's Bicentennial Summerfest

HAMPTON BURIED a time capsule on October 31, 1975.

prancing her horse all along the parade route in Hampton.

RUNNERS JOCKEYED for a good spot at the beginning of the 10.2 mile AAU Road Race Friday evening at the start of Hampton's Summerfest.

THE HOWELL FAMILY of 11 Heather Lane in Hampton was judged the most typical Bicentennial Family in a costume contest sponsored by the Hampton Bicentennial Committee. Margaret Lawrence, right, chairman of the contest, presented the family with their award.

ARTHUR J. MOODY, chairman of Hampton's Bicentennial Celebration unveils the town seal sculptured by Steven Read of North Hampton. The unveiling took place in front of the Hampton Town office following the parade.

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