Victory Week and Festival of Fun

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Hampton Beach 28th Annual Souvenir Program

Aug. 31, Sept. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 1942

Under Auspices of Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce

"Every Day Is Fun Day"

Come to Hampton Beach for Your 1942 Vacation

There is every sort of amusement, sport and entertainment at Hampton Beach -- something doing for everyone from early morn till late evening. The Chamber of Commerce plans a varied daily program events lasting throughout the whole summer season. A headline military and concert band makes headquarters at the Beach for the entire season and renders music for all special occasions as well as furnishing four band concerts daily. Vaudeville, musical and other features are added to round out a complete daily entertainment program.

The special features are too numerous to mention in detail: Weekly Wednesday evening display of fireworks, continuous radio and record programs broadcast from the great public address system, moving picture entertainments, dancing to the strains of great orchestras in one of the largest, best equipped and most beautiful ballrooms on the new England coast, shopping for curios, mementos and necessities in Hampton's unique shops and stores. All these and many more -- or you'll enjoy just strolling along the walks and watching the happy crowds or you may prefer to just absorb the fresh sea air and sunshine of healthful Hampton Beach.

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