Chapter 22 photographs

Chapter 22 Photographs

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The First Baptist Church

(Note: Page numbers are from Mr. Randall's book.)

Page 782: Reverend and Mrs. Frederick H. Buker served the Hampton Baptist Church from 1916 until 1922. Courtesy Alzena Elliot.

Page 783: The First Baptist Church and parsonage, photographed before 1897. Courtesy MHGMHA.

First Congregational Church of Hampton

Page 785: This photograph of the First Congregational Church was taken before 1897. Courtesy MHGMHA.

Page 786: Reverend J. A. Ross, trustee of Hampton Academy, pastor of First Congregational Church, from the Hampton Union, December 9, 1909.

Hampton United Methodist Church

Page 790: The Hampton Methodist Church. Courtesy of the church.

Hampton Beach Community Church

Page 795: The Hampton Beach Community Church and Casino parking lot, 1930s. Courtesy Alzena Elliot.

Page 795: L. C. Ring's carpentry shop. L. C. is second from left. Courtesy Beverly Ring Prakop and Lloyd C. Ring, Jr.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Page 800: St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Hampton Beach. Courtesy Janet Fitzgerald.

Page 802: Father Matthew Casey, first and longtime pastor, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Courtesy Beverly Ring Prakop and Lloyd C. Ring, Jr.

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