Construction to Begin on Hampton Seawall

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Atlantic News, February 2, 1988

CONCORD - Preliminary construction of the Hampton seawall replacement project is scheduled to commence February 1, as Cianbro Corporation of Pittsfield, Maine, the contractor for the project begins a month-long pre-boring program for pile driving operations.

Actual construction work on the $5.2 million project will begin in mid-March according to Pete Blaisdell, New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) Project Manager for the seawall replacement.

Due to the large volume of people who use and enjoy the Hampton Beach area, strict stipulations are in the contract for the benefit of public safety and convenience. A summer construction shutdown will be in effect from July 1 to Labor Day for each of the two years the construction is in progress. A penalty of $5,000 a day will be levied against Cianbro Corporation for any work performed during the shutdown period.

A "Maintenace of Traffic" clause is also included in the contract, designed to keep traffic flowing smoothly during the construction periods. The contractor is urged to "avoid temporary lane closures during nighttimes and weekends" and perform work "in a manner to permit unimpeded traffic flow." In addition, "all equipment must be removed from the traveled way and shoulders during non-working hours."

Working in such close proximity to a force as powerful as the ocean has prompted additional safety measures to be included in the project. Responsible Cianbro personnel are required to monitor weather and sea conditions. Furthermore a plan must be established "to minimize damage to persons, to the work, and to adjacent properties" in the event of a storm or gale.

Adolf B. Boer, Administrator of the NHDOT's Construction Bureau is overseeing this Public Works contract, which is cofunded by the State's Department of Resources and Economic Development. The seawall replacement is scheduled for completion in the Spring of 1990.

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