Behind the Stage Door of the Hampton Playhouse - 49th Season 1997

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-- 49TH SEASON 1997 --
1997 49th SEASON
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Ted Rooney
Sara Berg
Deb Girdler
Mary Sharmat
Trip Plymale
Jerry Ball
Dick Sabol
Scott Brush
Melodie Wolford
George Dudley
Beth Glover
Don Labranche
Michael Shames
Matt Sipress
Jonathan Brody
David Weynand
Abby Arauz
Karen Mascari
Stephanie Patrick
Blaire Chandler
Alfred Christie

Steve Witting
Sue Lawless
Dick Sabol
Jay Kane Preston Lane

Sets - Dunsi Dai
Tim Goodmanson
Larry Frates
Whitney L. White
Lights - Michael Gionnitti
Annmarie Duggan
Costumes - Ann Carnaby

Bob Duggan

Bruce Resnik

Scot Woolley

THE DESERT SONG, an updated version of this operetta with the gorgeous Romberg music, proved very popular with our audiences. George Dudley and Melodie Wolford starred as the two leads with great comedy relief provided by favorites Steve Witting and Deb Girdler.

CRAZY FOR YOU was a BIG singing and dancing musical featuring the very talented Jonathan Brady, a newcomer to Hampton, as Bobby. The music, costumes, and a great cast combined to make this show a real smash.
SYLVIA, a very different type of comedy, was a big hit with the audiences who come to see this show about a 'dog'. Blaire Chandler in the difficult role of SYLVIA the dog, was just charming and the audiences really fell in love with her. Hampton regulars Jerry Ball, Deb Girdler, and David Weynand rounded out the cast of this entertaining show.

EMCs were Ninon Rogers, Stephen Tollafield, Amy Schmidt, Jackie Kamm, Kevin Urban, Matthew Perri, Jeff Wood, Brian Pope, Courtney Lindberg, C. Ashleigh Caldweil, Stephen Ahearn, Catherine Maddox, Dennis Johnson, Randi Roland, Carrie Maille, and Margo Lawless. Musicians were Michael Ursua on second piano; John Buccini on bass; and Matt Hankle on drums, scenic artist was Laurie Powell. Workshop coordinator for the first four weeks was Pam Sabrin and the last four weeks Greg Funaro. Costume Shop Manager was Jeanne Henzel; Workshop Designer, Larry Frates with other workshop staff Tom Cardon, Oliver Frates, Matt Halvorsen, Carrie Maille, Scott Morley, and Stephanie Patrick on costumes.

George Dudley remembers... "Feeling everyone pull together for opening night of the show after not having had a run with no stops prior to having an audience. Also... driving up to the theatre for the first time upon my return (1996). It was like a homecoming."

Dick Sabol remembers... "CRAZY FOR YOU - great to work with Scott Wooley, J D Salisbury and Ann Carnaby. Don't know how we got together such a major musical so quickly. We did it in 24 hours of actual rehearsal time. But it was beautifully done, I have to admit. We used every available minute with a very able cast. It certainly couldn't have been done without Bruce Resnik, who pulled it off technically to perfection."

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