Behind the Stage Door of the Hampton Playhouse - 43rd Season 1991

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-- 43RD SEASON 1991--
1991 43rd SEASON
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RUMORS, (photo) , (photo)
OUT OF ORDER, (photo)

Mary Fraser
Steve Witting
Anne Gartian
P.J. Benjamin
Deb Girdler
Frank Vohs
David Earl Hart
Karri Nussle
James Karcher
Steve Beauchamp
D.J. Salisbury
Stephanie Douglas
Eileen Griffin
Don Entriken
Nancy Lemenager
Chris Dovich
Ellen Arthur
Linda Milani
James Focarile
Wayne Rodda
Bruce Wall
Jeff Kensmoe

Jay Kane
Scott Harris
David Holgravie
J.D. Salisbury

Sets - Robert Soule
Tim Goodmanson
David Gordon
Lights - Michael Giannitti
Costumes - Kathryn Wagner

Jaye Beetem

Karen Terry

Doug Coates
Jim Rice

The three musicals this season were outstanding... OKLAHOMA - as fresh and alive as when first presented; IRENE - a wonderful nostalgic 'oldie' with very talented newcomer Stephanie Douglas captivating in the title role; and PHANTOM - a gigantic undertaking for the playhouse. The special effects were outstanding (phantom mask and disfigurement designed and created by Ann Carnaby), not to mention the brilliant cast headed by David Earl Hart, Karri Nussle, and Jeff Kensmoe. OUT OF ORDER, another Ray Coaney comedy, was a hilarious bit of nothingness to end a very exciting season. Our bevy of EMC's this year included Anne E. Bogoch, Kevin Charbonneau, Jeannine Comeau, Andrew Crawford, Larry Dean, Oliver Frates, Matt Halvorsen, Don LaBranche, Alison Miller, Peter Mollegard, Kristen Tanzer, and Michael Deeg.

Doug Coates remembers... "My summer vacation started out with a long car trip with my friends Bob Rizzo and Scott Harris to a place called Hampton in New Hampshire where I met two really nice guys named Alfred Christie and John Vari. They even gave me money for teaching music for a show called OKLAHOMA! and another one called IRENE. I also got to meet some really cool people who did some real funny things on stage. One of the funniest was in the middle of the famous auction scene in OKLAHOMA. Deb Girdler couldn't figure out why it never came out right, not till she realised we had three different versions of the script! One night, Larry Dean, a devastatingly handsome EMC wearing overalls and no shirt popped a rivet off of his overalls and we could hear it bounce across the stage. Nothing was better than watching Michael Deeg, another EMC, try to keep a straight face. It was also a really good summer for learning to appreciate the taste of red wine during late night conversations with Ann Carnaby."

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