Behind the Stage Door of the Hampton Playhouse - 31st Season 1979

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-- 31ST SEASON 1979 --
1979 31st SEASON


Aida Berlyn
Frank Vohs
Gerda Shepard
Richard Kevlin-Bell
Jennifer Richards
Dick Sabol
Donna Lowre
Charlie Slavvola

Richard Kevlin-Bell
Dorothy A. Sayer
Alfred Christie

Sets- Kevin Golden
Lights - Edward R.F. Matthews

Edward R.F. Matthews
Gary Davis, assistant

Charlie Davisson

Marcia Cohen

SAME TIME NEXT YEAR, another two-character offering starred Aida Berlyn and Frank Vohs in three very varied roles.
CALIFORNIA SUITE featured delightful performances by Aida Berlyn and Richard Kevlin-Bell.
VANITIES, an uniquely different show, featured Aida Berlyn, Gerda Shepard, and Jennifer Richards. Apprentice and staff members included George Hosker, Gillian Losa, Francis Parkman, Charles Zucker, and of course Olga Morosoff and Sarah Christie.
Charles Zucker went on to become a stand-up comedian and has played several club dates in and around Boston and the New England area as well as the West Coast.

Dick Sabol remembers... "BURLESQUE - Great fun to share the stage with Frank Vohs. Aida Berlyn sure knew how to bump. STRANGE BEDFELLOWS - played opposite the luminous Aida Berlyn. Came into first contact with the comic expertise of Jo Chase."

George Hosker, Jr. remembers... "Burlesque - Growing up fast. The first time I ever costumed a show was for one of the Playhouse's famous burlesques. Though I was only seventeen, I was determined that I could do it. My first job was to find pasties. After finding out what they were, and too embarrassed to ask where to buy them, I decided to make them. The costumer thought I was too ambitious but since the actress didn't mind, neither did I. SO, I took some black contact paper and glued some red spangles on them. The actress loved them. On opening night the stripper took the stage, sang a terrific version of 'All of Me' and proceeded to take off her clothes. When she took off her top the heat from her body had loosened the red spangles. On one side they all fell off. It looked as if she was winking at the audience. She came running off stage (to kill me I thought), wondering how we could make them do it again!"

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