Cleaning Up The Coastal Beaches

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In the Summer of 1930, 1956 & 2002

In the Summer of 1930

CLEANING UP THE BEACH -- (above) "When the town failed to keep the beachfront clean, Hampton Beach Precinct Officials, businesspeople and vacationers alike grabbed rakes to do the job, 1930." (Peter E. Randall's "Hampton: A Century of Town and Beach, 1888-1988"). Note the Hampton Beach Casino as it once appeared on the right hand side of the photo.
In the 21st Century, the State of New Hampshire maintains Hampton Beach, doing a thorough cleanup with large machines such as the one in the photo below.

[Atlantic News Courtesy Photo / Photo by McGee]

In the Summer of 1956

Left to right: John Filocamo, Elmer King, Glen Dalton, Fred Sherburne, Malcolm Graves, Raymond Clark, Larry Hannon, George Strout, Loring Mills & David Lloyd. Elmer King's Beach Crew in front of maintenance shed at Hampton Beach parking lot in 1956.
['56 photo by Glen Dalton, courtesy of Loring K. Mills]

Left to right: Glen Dalton, John Fillagamo, Fred Sherburne, Malcolm Graves, Raymond Clark, Larry Hannon, George Strout, Loring K. Mills and Dave Lloyd.
['56 photo courtesy of Glen Dalton]

In the Summer of 2002

BEACHCOMBERS UNITE -- Kerry Knowlton, (shown kneeling), and Ashley Gehrmann concentrate on sorting the good from the bad in items collected Saturday at North Hampton State Beach. The two were working alongside Boy Scout Troop 162 of North Hampton as part of the Coastal Cleanup.
[Atlantic News Photo by Nancy Rineman.]

SAND SWEEPERS -- A group of of about 60 fourth and fifth graders from Newfields Elementary School in Newfields took part in this past weekend's New Hampshire Coastal Cleanup. The program was coordinated by employees of the Office of State Planning. In all, about 600 students -- 100 more than last year -- turned out to swipe cigarette butts, bottle caps and lollipop leftovers from Seacoast area beaches like this one at Hampton Beach State Park.
[Atlantic News Photo by Chris Parker.]

A REAL CLEAN DEED -- North Hampton Girl Scouts participated in the Coastal Cleanup on Saturday, September 21. Junior Troop 2717 is pictured here as they removed bags of trash from along New Hampshire beaches.
[Atlantic News Courtesy Photo.]
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