New Addition to the Tuck Museum

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Old Home Day

1638 - Town of Hampton - 1962

Sketch of Tuck Museum New Addition

40 Park Avenue

The new addition to the Tuck Museum is the result of several years of planning by the Historical Society.

Definite steps were first taken in 1959, when by a vote of the Society members, plans were drawn, a scale model of the proposed building was assembled by the President, Mr. Wilbar Hoxie, and financial arrangements were made. During the "Old Home Day" program of 1960, President John Perkins presented the plans and model of the Museum to the members and friends present.

The aims of the Society approached realization on "Old Home Day" in August 1961 when the cement foundation was dedicated and the cornerstone laid.

Construction of the present addition was started in June of this year by Hollis Shaw. Throughout the building period society members made plans for the decoration and arrangement of the museum and for the painting of the interior.

It is the wish of the Society that the new Museum will stimulate a lively interest in the history of Hampton and will be a note-worthy addition to the cultural and aesthetic appearance of the town.

325th Anniversary Celebration of the Settlement of Hampton

1638 - 1963

1963 is the 325th Anniversary of the founding and settlement of Hampton by Rev. Stephen Bachiler and his little band. Twenty-five years have quickly slipped by since the week-long celebration of the Tercentenary in 1938.

Plans are already underway for a several-day observance of this anniversary to take place in August of next year. It is hoped that as many of our citizens as possible will be able to share in the celebration. The Historical Society will assume considerable responsibility for sponsoring the affair.

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