Old Home Day Photo Gallery - 1961

The Hampton Union and The Rockingham County Gazette

Thursday, August 10, 1961

OLD FASHIONED COSTUMES were worn by many participants in the Hampton Old Home Day activities Saturday. Pictured on the grounds of the Tuck Memorial Hall, are left to right, (seated) Mrs. Elsie B. Underwood, Hampton; Mrs. G. Winthrop Story, Hampton Falls; (standing), Mrs. Edwin L. Batchelder Jr., Hampton; Mrs. Earl Blatchford, Hampton; Mrs. Harold G. Perkins, Hampton; Mrs. Leonard S. "Jack" Hayden, Hampton, co-chairman of the Old Home Day, and Mrs. Stanwood S. Brown, Hampton.
[Paul E. Marston Photo]

MONDAY CLUB ENTRY in the Old Home Day parade was this surrey with the fringe on top. Driving his 19-year-old horse, which he brought from Texas, is Mr. Swann, Pease AFB. Riding with him are Ednapearl Parr, Emma Trees and Julia Dewey.

OLD HOME DAY, sponsored by the Meeting House Green Memorial and Historical Association, Saturday was deemed a tremendous success by those who attended. {top} Mother's Circle float, entered in the parade, depicts a wonderful philosophy for the present day with its slogan "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." {middle} Recalling old days as they ride in Stan Brown's restored 1928 'Model A' Ford, driven by Fred Sherburne, are youngsters at heart, Mrs. John Elliot, 88, Mrs. Elizabeth Mueller, 92, and Mrs. Edgar Howe. {bottom} Making the Old Home Day perfect was an old fashioned bean supper served to more than 250 persons under a huge tent erected on Tuck Field for the occasion.
[Courtesy photos]