The Ansell Palmer Residence

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Old Home Day

1638 - Town of Hampton - 1961

Ansell Palmer Residence

221 High Street

The visitor to this home will find a delightful combination of contemporary architecture with furnishings from both the past and the present. In an historic sense the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Palmer built their new home on land which was originally granted to the Palmer family in 1638 is noteworthy and especially apropos to the spirit of Old Home Day. The Palmers are among the few families in Hampton today who are living on land that has been continuously in the family name for well over three hundred years.

In planning the construction of their home, which was built in 1958, the Palmers utilized the contour of the land in such a way as to complement the architectural pattern of the house. The house was designed to take full advantage of the southern exposure at the rear, and of the view of the gently rolling fields from the original Palmer land grant down to Winnacunnet Road. The most widely used living areas of the house have been so located as to take advantage of this southern exposure and view.

This house is an excellent example of what can be done with a contemporary house which combines lovely traditional features with modern conveniences. The brick fireplace in the kitchen gives a unique atmosphere and sense of the past to that room.

The house is furnished with many antiques along with modern pieces. Among the interesting furniture is a Sheraton table which was once owned by Moses Gerrish Farmer, the inventive New England genius whose successful experiments with electric lighting antedated by many years the work of Thomas Edison.

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