The Reuben Lamprey House

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Old Home Day

1638 - Town of Hampton - 1960

Reuben Lamprey House

416 Winnacunnet Road

According to the records, Reuben Lamprey built this house and barn about 1760, and presumably still haunts it according to the present owner, Mrs. Vrylena Olney.

The property remained in the Lamprey family until it was bought by Lieutenant Clifford B. Gill, Mrs. Olney's father, in the early 1880's.

During its 200 year history, the house has been continuously occupied, and rented to many Hampton families. It was used as the farm house until the turn of the century, and for a few years in the 1930's, it was a restaurant and inn. The only major changes since the house was built have been the addition of the porch on the west end, and the big ell on the north side.

Guests will find a visit to "Reuben's Barn" adjacent to the house, very rewarding.

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