The Knowles House -- 1666

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1638 - Town of Hampton - 1960

The Knowles House

24 Locke Road

John Knowles, mariner, married Jemima Asten of Hampton and in 1666 he purchased a "dwelling house and house lot containing ten acres together with 6 acres of marsh," from Giles Fifield.

The homestead was wholly or in part, in possession of his descendents for seven generations. John Knowles was blind for the last ten years of his life. His great, great grandson, Deacon Jesse Knowles also lived on the homestead. After being blind for 8 years, he suddenly recovered his sight.

The old Dutch Oven in this house is in especially fine condition. This beautiful house is now (1960) the home of Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Meneghin.

[Editor's note: It was completely destroyed by fire on March 22, 1994, cause unknown. For more on this house, see here.]

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